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Katie Heimer

Katie Heimer

Katie Heimer is double majoring in international studies and history, with a German minor.

11 Dec 2008

Breathe: semester’s routine to begin again

Now things are heavy and rushed. Everything is weighted with purpose and finality. Snow piles onto rooftops and car hoods. Tasks pile onto calendars and to do lists. Another semester is coming to a close. Feel relief. In a matter of days the bulk of the fall months will evaporate and give way to late […]

04 Dec 2008

Student input necessary for University success

It is common knowledge that many students have qualms with the way in which the University operates. Many disagree with certain regulations, expenditures, and decisions passed, and believe that the University has been ignoring or avoiding students’ opinions on decisive matters. All too often decisions that affect students here are made without their consent, their […]

13 Nov 2008

River Falls comes up short on 'refreshing' city-like incidents

Growing up in Minneapolis has definitely exposed me to some very interesting characters and equally interesting behavior. Of this, I am eternally grateful and believe that such characters and interactions make me better appreciate individual people and instances of unusual substance. While living on Lake Street may have had its unpleasant aspects (namely being accosted […]

06 Nov 2008

Parents fail to discipline children

This weekend proved that I am still overwhelmingly bemused and slightly sickened by children. In a quick trip to the grocery store to pick up my mother’s birthday pies, a small child sitting on the floor screaming at his mother blocked my access to the whipped cream. He sat sulking on the floor pointing a […]

30 Oct 2008

Winter’s approach brings quiet warmth

Today I had to scrape the frost off of my windows to go to the bank. An insignificant gesture to some, perhaps, but to me it is always symbolic. It signals the start of that quick decent into winter, to remain frozen there as it hoards more months of the year than is fair. I […]

23 Oct 2008

Monotonously routined days spiral downwardly into a rut

I am ready for a fresh start. Lately I have been lonely and tempestuous and disgruntled and furious and disenchanted with my life. I feel myself wearing thin and turning gray. I long for foreign languages and new views from unfamiliar windows. I am sinking into a crevice in which my good intentions morph into […]

10 Oct 2008

Steps toward a healthier environment are simple, thoughtful

Global warming, carbon footprint, whatever. Call it what you like, one could rightly say that we’ve been treating the environment like crap for ages and should maybe suck it up and be less of a collective jerk to our planet.

25 Sep 2008

Campus community offers fun events

We are nearly a month into the semester and undoubtedly many of you have had a chance to nestle comfortably into some semblance of a routine. For some, that may be calling home during commercial breaks in hopes of coercing your mother to get the lead out on that care package. For others, walling yourself […]

18 Sep 2008

Opportunities abroad tease the financially handicapped

It has begun. The pencils have been sharpened, the notebooks cracked open, the backpacks unzipped. The Term has started. With the opening of the classroom doors comes the imminent change in the season. The weather begins to show its brumal face. The air’s sudden frigidity suggests a brief autumn and an early winter. My toes, […]