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June 20, 2024


Campus community offers fun events

September 25, 2008

We are nearly a month into the semester and undoubtedly many of you have had a chance to nestle comfortably into some semblance of a routine. For some, that may be calling home during commercial breaks in hopes of coercing your mother to get the lead out on that care package. For others, walling yourself into your room and getting your 4.0 on. Still others may be putting on just the right pair of baggy jeans or glitter lip gloss and heading out to someone’s sagging porch or dingy basement for a house party.

Hopefully, however, some of you are taking advantage of a few of the events going on around campus. Contrary to popular belief, college does not have to experienced solely though exam (or breathalizer) scores. Part of college life, as new students should learn and old ones should know, is getting more out of your tuition than a classroom education.

For as small a campus (and town) as River Falls is, it can put on a hell of a show as far as student entertainment is concerned. It also strikes a pretty good balance between educational events and ones catered to pure amusement. Last week I attended the Golden Dragon Acrobats show, part of this year’s Wyman Series, which always comes up with great events. I went to see them last semester and their performance was so flooring it compelled me to invite eight other people to come along this year. My jaw is still on the ground.

My point is, if you don’t attend at least some of the events that interest you, you may miss a presentation so great it brings you back the next year, or dislocates various parts of your anatomy.

Some events coming up in the near future include a presentation by George Watsky, a slam poet performing in the Falcon’s Nest at 8 p.m .on Thursday September 25th, which looks to be amazing. That same night, from 6 to 8 p.m., all you can eat traditional Arabic food is being served at Journey House (across from Karges). Speakers will talk about elements of Arabic culture as well, all for the low, low price of $1. Being that my cupboards and wallet are almost empty, I am likely to be the jerk in line next to you eating directly out of the dish and growling at passersby.

“Coffee with The Times” is an example of a series great for those of you academically minded, or those who wish to be. The sessions are held in the Breezeway of Davee Library and include discussion, opinions and refreshments. Social and political organizations put on a great deal of informative (and fun!) events on campus. They include regular meetings of each organization, public debates, as well as putting together panel discussions, providing voter, volunteer and campaign information and bringing in guest speakers.

I am particularly excited about Ayisha Zaki, an international speaker from Beirut, Lebanon hosted by the Union of Democratic Progressives, a newly formed group here on campus. She will be discussing issues surrounding US foreign policy in the Middle East at 7 p.m. on Thursday Oct. 2 in the St. Croix River Room (third floor of the University Center). 

So let us get up, dust off the Dorito crumbs, and experience something that will cost us almost no brain cells and no money. Trade that inevitable underage drinking violation for some wicked blisters in the next ping-pong tournament. Actually have something to say the next time you are asked about current events. Trade stories about something more interesting than that time last week when you passed out in your roommate’s bed. Go, experience, enjoy!

Katie Heimer is double majoring in international studies and history, with a German minor.