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Kate Garlock

Kate Garlock

Kate Garlock is a student at UW-River Falls.

07 Feb 2008

Geology professor diamond in the rough

William Cordua, professor of geology at UW-River Falls, is, himself, what he says he loves best about the rocks he avidly hunts: a diamond in the rough. The average student taking one of his general geology courses may have a hard time cracking his rough exterior, as senior geology major Patti Roettger can attest. “He’s […]

15 Nov 2007

Pep Society inspires campus through music

It’s not enough for these students to sit in a classroom and learn concert music; they need the thrill of the crowd, the rush of the game, the energy-pumped music of a pep band. “If you were at a game and you saw us, whether it’s cold, raining, snowing, we have fun, we put smiles […]

19 Oct 2007

Outstanding teachers of the year recognized by CAS

UW-River Falls faculty members Brad Caskey, Morgan Clifford and Karen Klyczek have left such a positive impression on their former students that they are being recognized for it by the University. All three were named the College of Arts and Sciences Outstanding Teachers of the Year for 2007. Each professor represents a division within the […]

18 Oct 2007

Multiple sport intramural athlete becomes recreation staff member

A flare of horns punctures the drone of voices in the locker-room of the Cincinnati Bengals as Chad Johnson insists reporters call him “Ocho Cinco” - his number, 85. This was Oct. 28, 2006, and the inspiration for one team in the UW-River Falls flag football intramural bracket. The team Ocho Cinco’s record was 6-1 […]

28 Sep 2007

Wyman series offers cultural diversity opportunities for students

Every year, UW-River Falls presents a fine arts series which allows students to experience talent and diversity from across the nation. This year the talent ranges from dance to music to a speaker on race relations.

27 Sep 2007

Gladstone-Sovell beats the odds

On the first day of class, a student might walk into any one of their given classes and sit down. As they expectantly wait to see if the teacher is going to show up as the clock ticks closer to class time. At the last minute she bustles into the room - a small woman […]

07 Dec 2006

Interactive mystery dinner has students solve murder

The boss is dead and it’s up to River Falls to solve the murder, but does the city have the resources? Will the students of UW-River Falls help catch the murderer? First Year Experience (FYE) and Student Events and Activities Committee (SEAC) have faced a large challenge as they try to engage students in a […]

30 Nov 2006

Students face problems with laundry facilities

As students begin preparing for finals, the last thing they want to think about is dirty laundry. However, campus-wide cleaning up has become a problem for students in residence halls. Students in Johnson Hall were down to one washing machine for a couple weeks, said resident Kirsten Farrar. The residents were forced to use center […]

16 Nov 2006

Many students avoid flu vaccination

The flu season is swiftly approaching, and while UW-River Falls is making preparations to combat the disease by providing vaccinations, many students seem to believe the shot is unnecessary. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), influenza (flu) is a contagious respiratory disease that can cause mild to severe disease. Anywhere between […]

09 Nov 2006

Dumpsters replace hall trash rooms

Walking up to Prucha Hall, individuals are now immediately met by four dumpsters — two in the center, slightly smaller for recycling, and two larger ones on each end. These receptacles have replaced trash rooms for some of the residence halls on campus.