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February 5, 2023



Stephanie Daniels

08 May 2008

Finals causes extra stress for seniors

The end of the semester can mean a lot of work and stress for seniors trying to finish final projects and land a career.

08 May 2008

UWRF examines issues of transition to wireless

Student Senate voted in favor of an Information and Instructional Technology Council (IITC) plan to form a task force to determine the best strategy for UW-River Falls’ transition from traditional stationary labs to wireless labs that move with the students. However, a lot of issues need to be resolved before a final plan can be implemented.

24 Apr 2008

Pierce County Reproductive Services faces uncertain future

A major provider of reproductive health services for UW-River Falls students and Pierce County's working poor faces an uncertain future.

10 Apr 2008

Group to promote religious, cultural understanding

A new student organization, Sisters and Brothers of Islam, will offer UW-River Falls students an outlet for sharing their faith and learning about the faith of others.

03 Apr 2008

Financial Assistance Office makes FAFSA process easier

Filling out FAFSA forms may seem straightforward, but there are some things to keep in mind to get the best possible results from the process.

27 Mar 2008

Fall conference to feature student work

Students will once again have the opportunity to share their creative and academic work at UW-River Falls' second annual undergraduate and academic conference.

13 Mar 2008

Staff, design firm work on marketing strategy

More than a dozen UW-River Falls staff members have teamed up with Minneapolis-based Woychick Design to determine the characteristics that set UWRF apart from competing schools so it can emphasize these points consistently through all campus communications.

06 Mar 2008

Campus strives to achieve sustainability despite challenges

The University Center stands in the middle of UW-River Falls as a symbol of the school's commitment to sustainability. Now a crew of faculty and staff are working to get the rest of campus caught up, sometimes facing challenges along the way.

27 Feb 2008

Journey House offers fun, understanding

The Journey House Campus Ministry, the yellow house across the street from Karges, is stocked with everything you'd expect to find in a hangout: a kitchen, comfy couches, a TV, games, bubbles and all of the fun things that don't fit in the average dorm.

21 Feb 2008

Students face 'Freeze-Factor' at Winter Carnival

The weather reflected the 2008 Winter Carnival theme, "Freeze-Factor," as UW-River Falls students got together to compete in games and enjoy special events.

Stephanie Daniels

Stephanie Daniels is a student at UW-River Falls.