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April 25, 2024




A thank you letter to Falcon Nation

May 3, 2017

To Falcon Nation:

Thank you. Thank you for the memories. Thank you to the coaches, the players and even my fellow Falcon fans who I have been on this incredible and roller coaster-type ride with. I have had the pleasure, and an unbelievable opportunity, over the past five years to get to know hundreds of people from players to fans. The experiences I can take away from Falcon athletics are infinite, and the memories bring an ear-to-ear smile to my face.

I can walk away from my college experience knowing that I did not make a mistake when I decided to come to UW-River Falls in 2012. I have been graced with teammates along the way who are now like family and co-workers who are now lifelong friends that I could not have had the opportunity to meet anywhere else.

In my time at UWRF,  I have seen programs rise and fall, win and lose and break an ongoing list of records. Transitioning from an athlete to following athletes, I have learned that the athletes of UWRF have the hearts of champions. I have had conversations with people in nearly every sport at UWRF in some capacity, and they all are in a position to prosper. I encourage teams at the top to stay hungry, and the other teams to never be satisfied with where they are. Winning is a contagious attitude, and I know that there is success in store for the Falcons 2017 and beyond.

In particular, I want to thank a few individuals as I wrap up my time in the Athletic Department. First, Ryan Tibbitts. He motivated me and pushed me to join the department. He has guided me in numerous situations, and I cannot thank him enough.

Next is Jim Thies. He served UWRF for more than 30 years, and gave me the door to join athletics. His influence on the Sports Information Department and the Athletic Department as a whole is simply immeasurable.

With mother’s day around the corner, I cannot forget to thank my mother. She quit her job my senior year of high school, and in turn, gave me my first sports writing opportunity at the Clintonville Chronicle. She supports my every move, and is an unbelievable woman who has inspired me my entire life.

Last, and most importantly, is Kristi Lane. Being with someone who is at nearly every single home event, and working into the night, can put a strain on any relationship. She has given me the opportunity to chase my dreams. I just hope she knows I support her chasing her dreams just as much as she supported me chasing mine.

I leave this last message to Falcon Nation not as a last hope for thanks for my work, but to truly thank everyone for what they gave me. Pouring my heart into UWRF has repaid me 100 times over. From being thanked in the hallway for a graphic I created, to a nod from a Falcon football player on the sidewalk between classes, I have cherished them all.

The students and faculty of UWRF are special people, and I wish you all nothing but the best. I cannot wait to continue to follow the teams and people of UWRF, and all of the wonderful accomplishments they are all surely to have.

Forever a Falcon,

Trenten Gauthier
UWRF Athletic Department intern