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April 25, 2024





December 4, 2015

Two weeks ago, the Student Voice published an editorial concerning Greek Life’s lack of participation in the It’s On Us Week of Action. We stated that because there is an unfortunate assumption made regarding Greek Life on college campuses when it comes to sexual assault, that it was disappointing that the fraternities and sororities at UW-River Falls haven’t played a more active role with the It’s On Us campaign this semester.

Our goal of this editorial was to raise awareness about the It’s On Us campaign and encourage Greek Life to get more involved with this important cause. We recognize that Greek Life is involved in other campaigns and events concerning sexual assault prevention, but were specifically addressing It’s On Us, which has seen significant attention this semester.

We would also like to point out that our weekly editorial expresses the opinions of the Student Voice editorial staff, and is not meant to be read as an unbiased news article. We use this platform to talk about issues on campus that are important to us and and that we believe are important to our fellow students. We encourage all students and members of the UW-River Falls community to write a Letter to the Editor voicing any concerns that may arise from our work. These can be sent to