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June 22, 2024

Spring Intramurals set to begin

March 25, 2015

Spring intramurals are just around the corner at UW-River Falls, including ultimate frisbee, soccer and softball.

Each league’s registration date ended at 5 p.m. on March 21, but teams can still sign up until the captains meetings on March 31, while the tournaments vary. There are team fees for each league with softball and soccer being $35 per team and ultimate frisbee being $25 per team. Each of these leagues can be registered for online at the intramurals website.

Alongside these leagues, there are tournaments throughout the spring semester including kickball, indoor soccer and an ultimate Falcon challenge.

David Voller, a campus recreation manager who has been in that position for a year, talked about the upcoming spring season for intramurals,

“Usually by next week when the captains meetings get started, that is when we are going to see an increase in teams," Voller said. "Softball will be different this year, we had softball in the fall as well and had eight teams, and we have eight currently with captains meetings coming up. In ultimate, we usually have 12 to 14 teams, but only two teams are registered right now.”

Snow and bad weather has been of concern in recent years for spring intramurals, and Voller and the campus recreation team have a plan for such issues.

“We try to reschedule when we can, we send an email out if games are cancelled or rescheduled by 3 or 4 p.m. of the day of the games, it kind of depends on the time of the year so if it is the end of the semester we sometimes cannot reschedule games," Voller said. "If weather or the fields get unplayable then ultimate will be moved inside, soccer will likely not be moved inside, and softball would be rescheduled or cancelled.”

Along with intramurals, tournaments are held at various times throughout the spring semester which includes a kickball tournament on May 8 which has a $10 fee, and an ultimate Falcon challenge on May 2 which each participant has to pay a $5 fee.

The ultimate Falcon challenge is a challenge sort of related to a obstacle course in the mud or what some would call the "elements." There is no captain meeting for this event unlike the rest of the recreation events this spring.

Campus recreation also takes part in Falcon outdoor adventures, trips and events. These events include a rock climbing trip on April 24, a horseback riding trip on April 25, as well as a canoe and camping trip on May 9-10, and a backpacking trip on June 4-7. These events can all be registered for on the intramurals page online.