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May 21, 2024


Ag Sci student lounge receives renovation

March 4, 2015

After a $6,000 donation from the Lifetime Member Fund from the College of Agriculture and Environmental Science (CAFES) alumni, the Ag Sci building will soon have a renovated student lounge.

The student lounge in Ag Sci is located on the bottom floor in room 117, and has been around for as long as records show. The lounge is a popular place for CAFES students to hang out between classes, meet for group projects, and work on homework.

The renovation is currently approximately half way finished. So far, new tables have been purchased and placed, along with new, burgundy leather couches. The mural in the room has been refurnished and USB ports have been installed in the outlets. During spring break, new ceiling tiles and LED lights will be put in.

CAFES dean of Alumni Relations Justin Luther is very happy with the renovations and thanks the alumni board.

“We have a very active alumni board," Luther said. "They give back to the college, specifically the students. Many of the alumni have very fond memories of spending time in the lounge.”

Luther said that it was important to get new furniture into the lounge because the old furniture was getting worn down after heavy use, and that he is very happy with all of the use that the lounge is getting.

“It is a common meeting place for groups and it is a nice place to study between classes,” Luther said. “It really has been a major overhaul. It’s a warm cozy environment that is very comfortable for students to spend their time.”

There are a number of other buildings on campus that have student lounges, but UW-River Falls student Alex Boyer likes the one in Ag Sci the best.

“The lounge in Ag Sci is my favorite, I am usually in there at least once a week,” Boyer said. “I’ve been to the other student lounges on campus, but I think that Ag Sci has the best one, hands down.”

Almost everyone has a smartphone of some sort in this day and age, so it was important to get USB ports installed so students can charge their phones, this is one of Boyer's favorite additions to the lounge.

“The leather couches are so comfortable, I can easily fall asleep in them, but my favorite part of the new lounge is probably the USB inputs, it is perfect to get a quick charge for my iPhone,” Boyer said.

Of course, the renovation wouldn't have been possible without the donation from the Lifetime Membership Fund. Luther said that the Lifetime Membership Fund funded this project and that all of the alumni that donated will be members of the CAFES alumni board for life. Luther is grateful for their donation.

“I would like to give a special thanks to the past students of [CAFES],” Luther said.

The renovations will be finished when classes resume after spring break, so make sure you stop by and take a look at the lounge for yourself.