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December 6, 2022



Senate Corner

Senate expands OrgSync services, benefits campus

March 14, 2014

Over this year Student Senate and Student Life have fully invested in the future of OrgSync.

Senate has invested student money on increasing the services offered through OrgSync, and Student Life has been working on initiatives to integrate OrgSync throughout campus. Students should expect to see more of OrgSync in years to come.

One feature added for the start of this year was the Org- Sync authentication. This gave students the capability to log into OrgSync using their university ID and password. In the past, students had to remember a separate ID and password for OrgSync, and this discouraged use. With the addition of this feature, the use of OrgSync has dramatically increase. Also added this year was the Budget Management System to manage the annual budgets and single event funding of organizations. Senate’s Allocable Fee and Appropriations Board used this online feature for the first this year, and it proved to be an invaluable tool during the annual budget process.

This year Senate unanimously decided to expand the services provided through OrgSync by adding new features including the Service Management System, card swipe technology and 100 additional portals, or organization profiles. The Service Management System will promote service opportunities for students through OrgSync. This service will connect service partners to student organizations, centralize service opportunities and help manage communication with community service partners.

The card swipe technology will integrate into with other OrgSync features to track student involvement on campus. Knowing what events students are attending can help provide valuable data points to add to retention platforms to gain an even greater understanding of student performance. Generate a verified record of your involvement to document experiences gained outside the classroom. This information will also allow the University to develop a co-curricular transcript that students can use for job interviews, grad schools applications and to showcase leadership.

Also this year Senate unanimously approved legislation to add 100 additional portals. Currently the university had the capabilities to have 200 portals on OrgSync. However, this year through increased use of OrgSync we have exceeded the 200 portal capacity of OrgSync. This addition will allow for a campus-wide integration of OrgSync and will allow Student Senate, Student Life and other university departments better serve students.

Anthony Sumnicht is the 2013-2014 vice president of Student Senate.