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Nordic Ski Team continues to promote sport, events on campus

December 5, 2013

There are 13 club sports at UW-River Falls, according to the University’s website, but some of the sports are not well known around campus.

The Nordic Ski Team is one such club sport, which some students on campus don’t know exists.

“I didn’t know we had a team. We had one in high school, so it doesn’t surprise me, but I have never heard of UWRF having one,” said junior Sarah Stoneburg.

Some students have heard that the team exists, though, through word of mouth.

“I did know we had one only because one of my cross country teammates was also on the ski team,” said graduate student Kylie Dekkers. “Otherwise I wouldn’t have known about it.”

Members of the Nordic Ski Team practice skiing outside of the Knowles Center last year.
Members of the Nordic Ski Team practice skiing outside of the Knowles Center last year. (Photo courtesy of Rec and Sports Facilities)

Team president Jenna Lisowe said that she is aware that many students do not know the team exists, but has put forth efforts to promote the club sport, but added that it is difficult to recruit new members.

“We did a lot of recruiting at the involvement fair and we do have a growing team. Last year we had six people on the team, this year we have 18,” Lisowe said. “It’s hard to do stuff without snow for promotions.”

The team also held a fundraiser in the Agricultural Science building on Dec. 4. The money from the fundraiser will go toward the team’s trip to Ironwood, Mich., over J Term.

“It’s probably the best trail system in the Midwest, and it is really easy for beginners too. We really want to promote that you don’t have to be a great skier to come with us, we aren’t that hard core,” Lisowe said.

In addition to going on ski trips to different trails, like the one in Ironwood, the team also competes in citizen races as well.

“The more serious skiers do it to compete. Mostly it is just to go out and have a good time, it’s all about getting outside and seeing the woods and the wilderness,” Lisowe said.

The team does not currently participate in a competitive league, however, Lisowe said it is something which the team would consider doing in the future.

“We would be interested in joining a league if our numbers keep growing. I was looking into joining one, but I don’t know if it will happen this year,” Lisowe said. “It really isn’t that hard, it would take a joining fee. There are a lot of other club teams in the area which are in leagues. A lot of the leagues are on the east coast, so there would be a lot of traveling.”

Lisowe pointed out that nordic skiing is not just a sport to participate in while students are in college, but it is something anyone could continue to do in their life.

“It’s a life sport, so it isn’t like basketball, volleyball or track. I’ve been passed on the trail by 80-year-old guys,” Lisowe said. “You’re out on the trails along with everyone else and you recognize people, it’s a very small community of skiers.”