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Student Senate not representing UWRF students professionally

December 6, 2012

Award-winning journalism

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With nearly a semester under their belt, we at the Student Voice feel that our Student Senate has let down the student population.

Each week the Senate meets and thus far, they have little to show for initiatives or motions that have helped the student body or campus of UW-River Falls.

It only takes a simple glance at their minutes or agendas to see that their time is spent appointing members to committees with little debate or discussion on new ideas. Those committee appointments are important, but it should not be the only thing the Senate does.

One idea the Senate could tackle is the security needs in the lunch area. Everyday at lunch, hundreds of backpacks are left out in the open in Riverside Commons. What is to stop anyone from walking off with a brand-new laptop or iPod? Nothing. Senate could explore the idea of making this area more secure, or into the idea of allowing students to take their belongings into Riverside Commons.

We are also disappointed in the way Senate conducts themselves. It is preposterous that they would even suggest to use our student fees to buy themselves polo shirts. It is also worth noting that Senate will not be wearing these polo shirts at meetings. Instead they are intended to be worn around the community.

Yes, that is where our student fees, which everyone of us pays, are going. Toward polo shirts which are supposed to help us recognize our senators when they are out and about on campus.

Clearly, that is the best and most efficient way to use the student fees, according to the Senate.

Senate is also irresponsible and unprofessional at their meetings.

During a presentation by a speaker, one senator pointed to his own head and made the gesture of shooting himself in the head. In addition, on numerous occasions we can see the Senators on their cell phones while the meeting is in session.

These are actions which many of us would expect to see out of some high school students, at the very worst. The fact that our elected Senators would do this at a meeting is completely ridiculous.

We elected our senators to act professionally and responsibly, not to act childish. We hope that next semester the Senate will be more productive and professional and meet the needs of the student body.