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February 26, 2024




Horror flick ‘End of the Street’ leaves viewers wanting more

September 27, 2012

Being a horror movie fanatic, I had high expectations when I went to go see “House at the End of the Street.” I appreciate scary movies that have just the right amount of thrill, mixed in with a unique storyline, great acting and special effects. “The House at the End of the Street” partially fulfilled these elements. However, I was left wanting more.

Movie poster for House at the End of the Street
House at the End of the Street stars Jennifer Lawrence and Max Theriot.

The story started when Sarah (Elizabeth Strue) and her daughter, Elissa (Jennifer Lawrence), moved from the slums of Chicago to a small town. Sarah was seeking peace and tranquility after she divorced her ex-husband; she found something altogether different, however.

The drama started when they discovered that a brutal murder had been committed in the house next door. They found out that the neighbor’s daughter, Kari-Ann, killed her parents and spared her brother, Ryan (Max Thieroit).

Years later, Ryan is still living at the house as a recluse. A romance between Ryan and Elissa develops, along with suspense.

The overall quality of the movie seemed low-budget; everything about the movie screamed “cheesy, mediocre horror flick,” from the cliché one-liners to the strange camera angles and sub-par special effects.

Other elements of the movie seemed unoriginal; particular scenes reminded me of many other horror movies I have seen. Heavy use of foreshadowing also made the movie too predictable.

While this would have ruined the movie for me, the chemistry between Elissa and Ryan kept me engaged, along with a storyline that got more interesting as the movie progressed.

As the romance between Elissa and Ryan developed, the plot also became more complex. It was odd seeing Lawrence, who played Katniss in “The Hunger Games,” star in a new movie.

However, she played the role of Elissa well and had great chemistry with Thieroit on-screen. The story of their romance was captivating and unique. With every twist of plot, I became more interested in the movie.

The thrill factor started to creep up on me when several questions started running through my head about the motives of certain characters. I was surprised and intrigued by how the movie ended.

As the credits reeled onto the screen, I was partially happy about my decision of going to see “House at the End of the Street.” The question remained: would I recommend seeing this movie? Probably not.

However, if someone was in the mood for a cheap thrill, the movie had some unique and positive elements.

Nicole Hovatter is a student at UW-River Falls.