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June 22, 2024

Health interns work to market events

December 2, 2011

UW-River Falls Health Services gives four students a chance to participate in a beneficial internship program while helping fellow students.

Health Services interns are assigned into four categories and create events for each subject. Regina Johnson covers Tobacco awareness and prevention on campus, Elizabeth Nelson covers Alcohol and Sexual Assault awareness, Cassandra Swenson covers Physical Fitness, and Trina Severson is the General Health Intern.

These are just a few of the internships that are available on the UWRF campus and are open to all students to apply.

“It’s a great opportunity to learn how to market an event,” said Nelson. “You get to see behind the scenes.”

Each intern works each week developing ways in which to reach students and also prepare their events.

With a little guidance from past interns, they must develop a theme for the event, call businesses in the area who want to donate items and attend and also design the layout of tables. This doesn’t even include the marketing to students by creating fliers to put up in the Residence Halls and in different academic buildings.

Severson was assigned the Well Check program, which was held on Nov. 16. This event gave students the chance to assess overall fitness, learn stress management and relaxation techniques and more.

As a marketing communications major, Severson learned a lot through this event. “This was my first time planning an event,” said Severson. “It gives you the attitude of being professional.”

Swenson will be creating and managing the Wellness Challenge, which is held each spring. This year it will be from Feb. 6 to March 2. Along with this event she has been creating posters that are placed in each Residence Hall that give tips on how to stay fit while living in the dorms.

She also participates in body composition testing which is held in a different dorm each Monday. “It’s great to learn how to manage time,” said Swenson. “Also, you get to learn various computer programs to help design posters which are very helpful.”

Nelson is planning an event for the spring and is currently working on changing the perception of on-campus drinking. “Currently, people think drinking on-campus is frequent,” said Nelson. “It really isn’t and we want to try and change that view.”

Johnson is working on promoting a tobacco-free campus and hopes to pass it as a policy on campus. She will also be managing the National Great American Smokeout event which will be setup at the University Center. During this event, students will be asked to give or “donate” a pack of cigarettes and then they will be given a turkey sandwich and kits which will contain items you can do instead of smoke.

“This event is to symbolize quitting ‘cold turkey,’” said Johnson. “That’s why we are handing out the sandwiches.”

All of these events are meant to provide the interns with an opportunity to grow and develop skills that will help them in the professional world, but also provide a helping hand to the students on the UWRF campus.