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February 26, 2024



Homecoming determined to show UWRFʼs ʻFalcon Prideʼ

October 7, 2011

Homecoming week is a proud tradition at many schools. To emphasize that fact, the UW-River Falls homecoming organizers have decided that this year’s theme is “Falcon Pride.”

“It’s something everyone could relate to,” Crystal Lanning, assistant athletic director and student involvement administrator for UWRF, said. “Everyone is a Falcon. Everyone can relate to it.”

This rings true for sophomore Mark Dick who had issues with last year’s theme, “Superheroes” which Lanning said “didn’t always catch on very well.”

“[Homecoming] never really was my thing in high school,” Dick said. “For someone like me, I don’t really like to get involved in all the dress-up things.”

Dick said that he thinks the broader theme of “Falcon Pride” is a good idea. “I think that’s easier. I can wear my sweatshirt and I can feel involved in all of it.”

Lanning said this was part of the intended effect of this year’s theme. “I think it’s a lot more relatable to our students than some sort of off-kilter theme,” Lanning said.

There’s a possibility that a broader theme like “Falcon Pride” will encourage more involvement, according to Lanning. “I think it’s an easy thing that people can respond to,” Lanning said, “Rather than having to think creatively about costumes or things like that. Everyone has, hopefully, a River Falls shirt or a River Falls sweatshirt.”

Lanning said one of the goals of this year’s theme is for students to “[show] what a good Falcon should be.” Lanning described a good representative of the University as “Hardworking individuals that hold a good sense of integrity. They’re dedicated.”

Of course the football game against UW-Whitewater on Oct. 8 is the focus of many students on campus, as far as homecoming is concerned. But there are plenty more events scheduled during the week as well.

There is the homecoming parade, window decorating on Main Street, bingo, a bean bag tournament featuring live music, the athletic department’s hall of fame banquet, as well as multiple sporting events including a swimming and diving team time trial, a soccer game, and a volleyball game. The official homecoming schedule can be found at

Jennifer Vogel, a senior animal science major, was most excited for Spencer West’s appearance as part of the Wymen lectures series at 7:30 p.m. on Oct. 5 in the Riverview Ballroom at the University Center. “[Past homecoming weeks] have been a lot of fun,” Vogel said. “There are events all week.” Vogel said she was having difficulty deciding who to root for in the homecoming game, as she’s from the Whitewater area. “I’ll root for River Falls, but I don’t have high hopes for the game,” Vogel said. UW-Whitewater is ranked No. 1 in the country.

Abby Doyle, Alpha Omicron Pi Chapter President, said that her sorority is looking forward to the annual lip sync contest the most. “Last year we won,” Doyle said, “And [we] can’t wait for this year’s show.”

Doyle encouraged her fellow students to attend the lip sync contest. The Lip Sync contest takes place on Saturday, Oct. 7 in the Falcon’s Nest at the UC from 8p.m. to 11p.m.

“I think that everyone should attend this because it is a showcase of many of the student [organizations] on campus,” Doyle said. “The lip sync event is always a crowd pleasing event and anyone who has ever gone knows how much fun it is.”

“I think there’s enough activities going on around campus that we’ll meet the needs of any of our students or faculty,” Lanning said.

“If homecoming is not your thing, at least demonstrate that you are proud of the University that you chose to attend,” Lanning said. “If you don’t attend any of the activities, that’s OK, but wear your River Falls t-shirt around campus.”