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July 12, 2024


Open coach position has benefits for Brewster to consider

October 21, 2010

After yet another loss this season, Tim Brewster was fired from his position of head coach for the University of Minnesota Golden Gopher’s football team. Prior to the Gophers, Brewster had been a tight end coach and assistant head coach, but never had he been coordinator of the offense or defense. With the tight end mentality, it is apparent that Brewster’s focus was on the offense. 

During Brewster’s tenure, Quarterback Adam Weber has set passing records at Minnesota, including most yards which currently sits at 9,900. Although offense can be exciting, the Gophers have proved that in the Big Ten you need defense to win games, and with only six conference wins in three plus years, it was time for the Gophers and Brewster to part ways. 

So what is next for Brewster?

Maybe he should think about coaching the UW-River Falls Falcons. Prior to the 2010 season, long-time Head FootballCoach John O’Grady announced his retirement. The athletic department is conducting a nation-wide search looking for a new coach, and now they have a guy in their own back yard. 

Brewster has a few reasons to be interested in the Falcons.  They already run a pro style offense which he is accustomed to. His son Eric played his senior year at River Falls and is still attending the University. Finally Brewster has reached an age where most people — especially coaches — are looking to settle down.

He also would be taking over a program that could only improve in his tenure, and if he shows the same passion at this level that he did with the Gophers, then the Falcons will improve. 

This move would also benefit the Falcons in that it would bring in a high profile coach to a Division III school. Brewster brings with him a fairly good recruiting record from his days in North Carolina and Texas and recruiting is key at UWRF. With only a full-time staff of three, the Falcons send out fewer coaches to recruit than any team in the WIAC.

When you need to recruit across the states of Wisconsin and Minnesota, it becomes pretty hard to cover all that territory with just three coaches but that’s what the Falcons. Having the big name coach in Brewster would definitely help the recruiting process. 

Another avenue that would benefit the Falcons by hiring Brewster is Brewster’s friends. A long-time Division I and NFL coach, Brewster has some contacts, friends and former colleagues that may be able to help bring money into the Ramer Field renovation project. A few phone calls could be all it would take to bring a project that has dragged on for at least four years to fruition.

Robert Silvers is a student at UW-River Falls.