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May 23, 2024


Letter to the editor

Student encourages others to speak out against policies

April 7, 2010

This weekend many, but not a majority, of students stayed on campus instead ofheading home for Easter.

Some of these students stayed because they do not observe the holiday and others because they did not have an opportunity to go home (because they are international students, from another state, don’t have a car or some other reason).

All of the students who did stay on campus had to pay extra for their meals (although they have meal plans), because Easter is considered a University holiday.

It truly disappoints me that a public institution can treat Easter as an American holiday and it just shows how deeply rooted American policy is in institutionalized discrimination.

Students feeling marginalized and excluded isn’t a new thing at UWRF, how about the Christmas trees and wreaths that supposedly symbolized happy holidays but failed to include symbols of other religions?

The fact is that although Easter is recognized federally it still doesn’t mean it should be recognized at this public institution especially if it puts students who pay for these services at a disadvantage.

It personally cost me a lot more than I bargained for and I’m fed up with the needs of the minority being trampled on by the consensus of the so-called majority.

It’s about time we speak out whenever we feel targeted by a policy or procedure.

Truly, five dollars might not seem like a lot but added to the hundreds of dollars we’ve already paid for our meal plans it becomes obvious that were not getting what we paid for.

It’s up to us to tell the University that some of their policies are hurting students not helping them because after all isn’t it the University’s job to help ALL the students?

Nikki Shonoiki
Student and Activist


Nikki Shonoiki on 23 Apr 2010: First off, I think you have a big issue with labeling people without knowing who they are and what they stand for. Secondly I think you have a huge problem with thinking those labels actually matter or have any relevance what so ever, especially when your commenting on things I've said or written. Thirdly, I wrote this not to attack a religion but to bring light to one way the Universities policies have disenfranchised students usually as a means to cut cost. 5 dollars is a lot of money for someone who doesn't work or didn't get paid before that weekend in order to pay their 5 dollars to get those extra meals (registration for those meals ended days before that weekend). Is this University truly inclusive if they don't understand some students can barely afford to come here let alone pay extra to eat a meal they technically already paid for. Well, I'm a progressive (FYI) and I'm going to help this campus become a better place for all student. Let's hope people with your opinion don't harm the campus in the process.

Lirit on 21 Apr 2010: Ok. Fine. Then we should have the weekend of Yom Kippur off and all the non-Jewish kids can stay on campus, pay five dollars for food and do nothing because everything is closed for a holiday you don't celebrate. Try to open your mind to understanding. It's not all about you and your religion.

TIM on 17 Apr 2010: Seriously, it's five dollars... Get over it. Actually, I doubt it's the money that motivated you to write this, I'm thinking you wanted to complain about Easter and the "social injustice" of a religious holiday. Liberals... Never pass up a chance to complain.