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07 Apr 2010

Student encourages others to speak out against policies

This weekend many, but not a majority, of students stayed on campus instead ofheading home for Easter. Some of these students stayed because they do not observe the holiday and others because they did not have an opportunity to go home (because they are international students, from another state, don’t have a car or some […]

03 Dec 2009

Reproductive health important in reform

The Senate will soon begin debating their version of health care reform. This is our opportunity to ensure the needs of women and young people continue to be front and center in the reform debate. In the House, the Stupak-Pitts Amendment passed last minute in the House version of health care reform. It bars not […]

12 Nov 2009

Accepting biased ads as truth a mistake

Pro-Life Wisconsin (PLW) expressed outrage at Marquette University for rejecting the April 17’s “Advertising Supplements” it (behind the guise of Minnesota’s Human Life Alliance) submitted to The Marquette Tribune. I am writing today to express my outrage at the Student Voice for not doing the same. Apparently, Marquette has higher standards for sifting and winnowing […]

30 Oct 2009

Hatch Amendment would impact healthcare

The healthcare reform debate is dominating the news right now. One thing we’re not hearing about is the Hatch Amendment, an amendment that would have a serious impact on our health education.

08 Oct 2009

Legislators improve financial aid, student debt

The election of President Obama brought the promise of a reformed and revitalized student loan industry, one where students are paramount over banks. With a new higher education champion in the White House and an ambitious Congress seeking to make college more affordable, now is the time for a fundamental change in how the federal […]

13 Mar 2009

Attacks on Senate uncalled for

I’ll agree that some of the claims made in the column “Student Senate lacks reliability, students’ voices still unheard” were warranted, but the blatant negativity and the downright malicious attacks on certain Senators was uncalled for. Some of the claims made were opinions that might be taken by some people as actual fact.