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Positive energy goes a long way

February 12, 2010

Hello River Falls, Love Doctor here, hope the weather hasn’t been too much of a downer. Valentine’s is here, and many would argue that this holiday has become too commercialized, and the expectations of a boyfriend or a husband has become too hyped up that it has started losing touch with what this holiday is really standing for—love.

So women, I encourage and challenge you not to focus on the material goods that Valentine’s Day promises. Instead, focus more on trying to connect energies and emotions back with your partner. Remember, it is the time spent, not the money spent.

Here’s the question as submitted by one of your fellow college mate.

Q. I have liked this girl for a long time, and I would really like to get to know her more. How can you tell that someone likes you. My sight of noticing such things has gradually become blind.—Love Blind

A. Well, Love Blind, this is a tricky question because every woman is different; however, there are some universal signs which can indicate whether someone is or would be interested in you.

Those revolve around their smile, eyes, touch and vibe. If this girl you want to get to know better genuinely smiles and seems happy to see you, then she IS happy to see you. At the least, her smile is a sign that she enjoys and welcomes your appearance.

Second, women are well aware that their eyes hold a lot of power. Eye contact, even across a room full of people, can create a powerful connection between two strangers. Thus, if the women maintains eye-contact, and continues to smile while you are conversing with her that is defi nitely a good sign. On the other hand, if she intentionally tries to look away, or looks at the fl oor/ceiling when you’re talking to her, she is making it blatantly obvious that she would rather not be seen talking to you right now.

Third, does she brush her arm against yours or slip her arm into yours when you’re out on a walk? These are surefi re answers that she defi nitely sees you as more than just friends. A simple touch can ignite a plethora of feelings and desires. A seemingly innocent touch to your thigh or your arm is something you should look out for.

Fourth, vibe, combines eye contact, body language, and touch - it is that unmistakable connection and excitement you feel with someone which is reciprocated back to you. If she seems to be happy, smiling, making eye-contact, and touching you - well, my friend, she be vibing! She is picking up on your positive energy and in turn giving positive energy back.

However, if she does not seem to be doing much of the things mentioned above, I’m afraid she is just not feeling you.

But all is not lost!

You can get her to act this way around you by conversing and talking to her more. The only way you can get a girl comfortable enough to touch your arm while talking to you is by being a gentleman, treating her with respect, and conversing with her on a daily basis. You need to remind her about your existence, and try to make yourself sound interesting. And remember to always leave her wanting more!

Each week the Love Doctor will be answering your questions, so make sure to submit yours! It can be submitted via email .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address), or go onto and click on the “Love” tab and leave a question in the query box.

Priya Kailash is a student at UW-River Falls.