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Columnist offers Valentineʼs dating insight

February 4, 2010

River Falls, I hope it feels good to be back in school. Last semester I know there were many of you who were avid readers of the fashion column and I indeed loved the questions and positive feedback I received. This semester, however, this column will no longer be writing about fashion and fashion accessories. This semester’s focus will be on relationships (partner, parents, friends, relatives) and relationship advice.

Each week I will be answering questions, which you can submit via e-mail to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) or shoot me a text (952 334 4461)—of course, you can stay anonymous if you wish.

Similar to last semester’s fashion column, I will address something male oriented one week and female oriented the next. This week, as Valentine’s Day is on the horizon, I am well aware of the men on this campus who are eagerly looking forward to ask their dream girl out on a date. However, the fear of rejection is what keeps most men at bay. Men at this school, it’s time to get over this fear!

The following steps will highlight important information men can follow to guarantee a “yes” from their girl. Since there are diverse arrays of scenarios out there, I am only going to address a common scenario (if you would like help on your specific scenario, text or e-mail).

If you’re a guy that has had a secret crush on a girl who you encountered in class or other group settings, the following information is for you! So you want to ask this beautiful, amazing girl out on a date, don’t you?

Well, don’t!

I recommend the “pre-date” first. To ask a girl out on a pre-date, just bring it up in casual conversation and ask her if she wants to hang out sometime, just very casually and confidently. A pre-date is something I recommend to men before the actual date because it can be very helpful in a number of ways.

First, it can be helpful in seeing whether this special person is actually someone you want to date. People can sometimes turn out to be quite different from what you might have observed in social gatherings. Second, a pre-date can allow for a more relaxed, chill atmosphere so a couple can actually get to know each other before the actual date. Third, if a pre-date goes really well, you have many things you can talk about on your actual date referencing back to your pre-date which makes conversing with the person a lot easier. Fourth, you have a great opportunity to make a very good impression on the girl.

So, make sure to clean and air out your room, put some effort into your look—shower, hair, and wear a nice layered polo or a light colored button up with dark washedjeans. Women enjoy when men put in effort because it makes them feel special and important. So the pre-date goes really well, you guys talked the whole time, had a good time—now what?

Well, don’t kiss her!

Keep the anticipation building. Instead, take her hand, kiss the back of her hand, look into her eyes, and ask her out on a date. This romantic gesture is one that women can not resist because you have just showed her that you put in effort into your room and onto yourself, you have not advanced on her physically, but instead have only been a gentleman in so many ways.

Men, try this pre-date concept out and send me your questions and concerns. Make sure to also check out this and other articles on the Web site ( Good luck, men.

Priya Kailash is a student at UW-River Falls.