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June 12, 2024


Winter fashion advice

December 10, 2009

Hello River Falls, the last edition of the Student Voice is here, along with the realization that there are only a few days of lectures and labs left for this semester.

However, this does mean that finals are fast approaching and it is important to start planning ahead and to exercise proper time management skills to avoid feeling too overwhelmed later on.

This semester, there have been many discussions on fashion, styles, accessories, and ways for men and women to express their fashion sense in a unique way around campus.

The people who were weekly features offered a large variety of different personalities and styles.

As the holidays approach and we are once again safely home, surrounded by warm, delicious cooking, it is important to keep your waist-line in mind.

It is easy to pack away the pounds during the colder months. What is more inviting—steamy hot cocoa under the fire or going outside in the freezing cold for a run?

That is why joining a gym or buying yourself personal treadmill/weights becomes all the more essential in the winter. When I go home, I find it easier just to talk to my local fitness club about my short-term stay and together figure out the best plan for me to join.

Informing fitness clubs that you’re a college student doesn’t hurt either; there are many discounts for younger adults that we should be taking advantage of.

I decided to finish off the semester-long fashion column with general advice and a really versatile item.

Item of the week: Accessories

When people think of accessories, it is important not to limit your thinking. Don’t be under the assumption that only fancy jewelry and expensive rings can be considered accessories.

Accessories can include everything from scarves to jewelry to headbands.

They are the simple things one can use to liven up an outfit that would otherwise lack character.

A brightly-colored scarf can be combined with a neutral top to instantly add more color and interest to the outfit.

If you are planning on wearing a V-neck dress or a low-cut nice shirt, try pairing it with a small O-shaped necklace that could delicately lay on your décolleté – a most flattering and elegant of looks.

Accessories are not limited anymore. People even consider piercings and tattoos part of their accessories.

However, I recommended you think long and hard before committing yourself to a tattoo, as it is a permanent procedure that can only be removed by expensive laser treatments.

Cartilage and earlobe piercings are a nice touch when kept—don’t get carried away. Little studs or pearl earrings look great with any outfit and is a classic look for many women. But if you have the personality and the willingness, gauges and large earrings can add a lot of interest and uniqueness.

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Priya Kailash is a student at UW-River Falls.