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Switching up footwear can help to define personal style

December 3, 2009

Hello River Falls, I hope Thanksgiving break was a relaxing and a comforting experience filled with memories made with family and friends. When one thinks about Thanksgiving, it’s hard not to follow that thought up with Black Friday and the shopping sprees associated with it.

I hope the style tips and hints provided in these columns assisted you in making very fashionable and smart decisions in the clothing, shoes and accessories departments.

The skin care that becomes very essential as the cold air migrates towards us (last week’s article) is an important issue for both males and females on campus to read. I did receive questions concerning the stores at which to purchase last week’s item of the week, tea tree oil. This item is available primarily in drug stores, such as Walgreens, located in the vitamins aisle.

Hygiene is very important for both sexes. Trimming and maintaining one’s fingernails and toenails can make a big impact. I bring up toenails because of the location of the body this week’s item of the week
occupies: the feet.

Item of the week: Shoes

Men might think they do not have a large variety of styles to choose from when it comes to footwear, but that does not mean one can opt to wearing running shoes everyday. It is important to own at least 4 different types of shoes—one for running, two for everyday (walking and skate), and one for formal events. I trust people are more than well informed on the running shoes, so I am going to skip past that and address walking, skating, and formal shoes.

Walking shoes

Walking shoes are made with comfort and “wearability” in mind, without needing to sacrifice style. There are many different kinds of walking shoes out there, ranging from hush puppies, slip-ons, loafers, boots, and man Uggs. Uggs for men is the ultimate comfort any man can want, and if one does not want others to know they are wearing Uggs, but still crave that comfort, then let the jean flaps hang over the boots and wear the Uggs underneath.

Loafers and Hushpuppies can be found in a variety of shapes and comfort levels. They can be great for weekend footwear, or they can be paired with corduroys and an interesting t-shirt for the right mix of style and comfort.

Skate shoes

Skate shoes are by far my favorite. They are generally larger, have a flat sole, and allow for more movement compared to running shoes. Skate shoes are usually brightly colored or patterned.

Don’t let mixed colors and contrasting shoelaces turn you away. Embrace different styles and explore the different ways you can personalize your style by simply changing up your shoes.

Formal shoes

These are your average dress shoes. They are usually found in either blacks or dark browns, and it’s best to stick to these two colors. They can be worn with dress pants for a formal look, or it can be worn with a darker wash of jeans for a more relaxed look.

I would recommend people do some sort of research on the internet before heading to the store to purchase skate or walking shoes. An idea of what you’re looking for will make shopping for shoes an easier experience. Great places for men to shop for shoes are DSW, Famous Footwear, and Macy’s, as they carry a lot variety.

This week’s feature, Aly Meier, has fashion and personality that is all her own. She describes her clothing as “hand-me-downs” from musicians and artists which add interest and personality to a lot of her clothes.

To read more on Aly Meier’s unique fashion and style, visit the “Student Voice” Web site ( and click on the “Fashion” tab.

Next week’s feature is Joe McMahon, a junior with a sophisticated and preppy style. He has a personality that makes him stand out from the crowd.

Priya Kailash is a student at UW-River Falls.