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'Little black dress' flatters most ladies

November 5, 2009

Hello River Falls, with only half the semester left, it is time to rev up your style and attitude when it comes to fashion and fashion accessories.

I had several people approach me in regards to last week’s item of the week, cologne. The questions mostly circulated around where it should be applied. This answer applies for perfume as well, so women listen up. Cologne, as well as perfume, should be worn where the body produces the most body heat so the body’s natural scent can mix in with the fragrance to produce its own unique and stimulating scent. I recommended the wrists, necks, armpits, and behind the ears (to give your special someone that invigorating smell just as they lean in to whisper something). When applying behind the ear, spray it on the wrist and wipe behind the ear, to prevent the smell from being too overpowering. 

Remember ladies, it is always good to stand out from a crowd that is ordinary, because that makes you extraordinary.

This week’s item is one of extreme importance. A first impression can leave a lasting impact, and first impressions really do matter when going on a date.

Item of the week: The little black dress

Ladies we have all heard about the little black dress ever since fashion designer Coco Chanel wore it in the 1920s. The dress was originally designed to be a ubiquitous dress made to flatter a woman’s body, highlighting one’s best features.

Thankfully, not much has changed. However, here are some things to look for in the modern “little black dress.”

Hem Line:
Make sure the dress isn’t too long or too short. It should be no shorter than four or five inches above knee-length, and no longer than two inches below knee length. A dress that is too long can give an impression of a prom dress, while too short of a dress looks more club appropriate than date appropriate.

The next most important aspect of a dress is the neckline. Ladies, no matter how large or small your chest is, a slight cleavage can be very flattering, adding that right amount of feminine touch. After all, as the old saying goes, “If you got it, flaunt it”. However, maintain some conservatism. Most men agree that while some cleavage is exciting, too much can be a turn off.

This is an individual choice one has to make; there is no one right answer. If you are a woman with a large chest that requires a bra and support, and strap is definitely recommended over a strapless or a thin strap. However, if you are someone who is comfortable with a strapless or a thin strip, then more power to you girl!

Personally, I prefer the strap, as I feel it elongates my body. The strap also offers the convenience of wearing a push-up, or a padded bra, for a fuller cleavage and an hour-glass figure.

This week’s featured student is Peggy Wu, an international student from Taiwan whose fashion and style crosses continents. Read up on her style, and check out her photoshoot on the Student Voice Web site,

Next week’s feature is Robbie Huot, a guy with style and poise, separating him from the crowd.

Priya Kailash is a student at UW-River Falls.


In-tune reader on 20 Nov 2009: Very charming! Well done, Priya and Peggy.

hassan ali on 07 Nov 2009: I think the editor, Priya Kailash is done a fabulous job telling these students how to dress to impress and more people are reading the paper!! she should be the main editor for this student voice. She has lot of potential!

Online Editor on 07 Nov 2009: Whatever you feel the most comfortable in Reed. But for the sake of others, I would recommend you not to go above the knee.

Reed Danielson on 06 Nov 2009: Are there any particular lengths that a man who is "in touch" would want to be mindful of while buying a little black dress for himself? Thanks Priya!