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How men can attract dream girl, dream job

November 12, 2009

How is it going River Falls?
I hope the plethora of stress that usually accompanies exams and midterms hasn’t overtaken anyone! However, no one is completely immune to stress, and thus it’s important to understand and practice some relaxation techniques.

When I’m feeling stressed out, I just move my body! Get yourself off your bed or chair, and just shake your booty (at least enough to get that heart pumping)!

Anything from going for a run, dancing to some music, or jumping to some jumping-jacks is enough to clear one’s mind and will help one focus on what’s truly important – school, friends and fashion (of course).

Last week’s article, the little black dress, received a lot of positive input and last weekend I did spot a lot of hot-looking ladies sporting their own ‘little black dress.’ Keep up the good work, ladies!

This week will focus on the guys on campus, and offer useful advice to dress fashionably to attract both that dream job and that dream girl.

Maybe you’re that guy on campus who doesn’t like the whole button-up, or cardigan sweaters deal—you’re thinking, “that’s just not my style!”

Well even though there is nothing wrong with experimenting with fashion that you might consider outside your comfort zone, this week’s item of the week is for the guy who likes t-shirts and comfort.

Item of the week: graphic tees

Graphic tees can be an ideal choice for any college student as it offers the comfort of a tee shirt while adding enough color and designs to capture the eye.

Graphic tees can range anywhere from a metal concert shirts to an “Ed-Hardy” or designer shirts.

However, no matter how “insane” or “mellowed-out” your shirt is, it is important to layer it over another color. For example, if your graphic tee is a black shirt with white graphics, layer your graphic tee over a white crew-neck shirt. I would recommend folding the sleeves of the white, crew-neck shirt over the sleeve of the graphic tee, showing off both the colors.

I can guarantee you that you will get compliments with this look, as just a small change can transform your look and make it look more polished.

Blazer/front-zip up:
Wearing graphic tees with a blazer or a striped/colorful front-zip sweatshirt is a great look for a graphic tee with designs that are centralized on the front of the shirt. The blazer will sophisticate and bring the focus right to the designs. It will also give the appearance of broader shoulders, making a guy appear more masculine and attractive.

A zip up sweatshirt will give the outfit a more relaxed look.

Great places to purchase interesting and affordable graphic tees online are: Overstock.com, Ebay.com and Karmaloop.com.

For higher end shirts, check out “Armani Exchange” or “Nimany” online. Outlet shops such as Macys, TJ Maxx and Marshalls also offer great deals.

This week’s featured student is Robbie Huot, a senior at UWRF who sports his graphic tees and button-ups with great style and poise.

His stylish clothes and outgoing personality makes him the ideal feature. Read up on his style, and check out his photoshoot, and comment/ask questions on the Student Voice Web site, uwrfvoice.com

Click on “View” under Photo Gallery to view his stylish pictures. .

Next week’s feature is Martha Torning, one of the most stylish ladies on campus. This “hottie with a body” is an avid shoes shopper with over 30 pairs of and a “little black dress” that can knock your socks off.


Priya Kailash is a student at UW-River Falls.