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Quality cologne brings out pheremones in men, worth cost

October 29, 2009

Weather can be a challenge to dress for sometimes. For sporadic days with extreme temperature changes, the best clothing style is layering. For a great look, layer a crewneck shirt with a button-up, long sleeve shirt.

This is a great, look especially when a white crew neck is paired with a black button-up with white strips. To make this look warmer, top it off with a zip-up sweater. Remember to always coordinate your tees with your button-up. This outfit is great for men with a little belly as it is a very slimming and elongating outfit, making it a great date outfit.

Item of the week: Cologne

A well-chosen cologne can transform a man’s image.

Our sense of smell is one of the strongest senses tied to memory.

Here are some things to remember; you need to think of cologne as an investment. Cheap cologne bought at the local Walgreens is going to reflect its poor quality.

Each person is unique and produces their unique scent. Pheromones are people’s unique chemical signals and scents that can actually trigger a response from another person. Quality cologne, when worn properly, will mix in with your natural pheromones and will intensify these responses without overpowering them. 

Some I recommend are: Giorgio Code or Acqua Di Gio by Giorgio Armani, Tommy for Men by Tommy Hilfiger, or Versace Man by Versace. Please do not assume that just because these brands sound expensive are out of your reach. You can find these products online for around $35, or you could ask for some as a gift so you don’t have to take out of your pocket.

This week’s featured student is Junior Matt Rimnac, who has a great eye for fashion-complete with Swiss watches and designer shirts. His unique and professional look gives him a great advantage, making him stand out from the crowd. Visit to check out a gallery of photos.

Matt Rimnac describes his shopping experience: “OK, so when I go shopping I usually look for colors that really pop and catch my eye. I am not the type of guy that likes to just go shopping at old navy and just buy your average shirt for a cheap price. I enjoy to look around a little bit at stores like macys where you have a lot of variety. Now when most people think about macy they think omg Im not shopping there becuase it is way too expensive. In the past few months I have bought bands such as Nautica, Calvin Klein, Lucky all for under $20 each. The Nautica jacket I bought retails for 120 dollars when I bought it for 19.99. Its just the matter of looking around for a good deal. The shirt that I am wearing in the picture… is from Macy’s. It’s a Calvin Klein shirt that I found on clearance. It’s a shirt that I think is really interesting and is really eye catching. This shirt was on sale for $15. I think my point is here big name brand clothing without paying the huge pricetag.

“When you are shopping its really important to have your own style. Not only having your own style but making sure that you are comfortable in your style. For example I have a friend in Eau Claire that owns a dress shirt that looks like Easter Day. Seriously, like everyone I know thinks this shirt represents Easter. I think the point of the story is that he doesn’t care that we all think it looks like Easter because he is comfortable in what he wears.”

Priya Kailash is a student at UW-River Falls.


Jenna on 06 Nov 2009: Pheromones are unique to each of us. they come from the sweat in our axillary, and are actually converted from bacteria eating a steroid we produce. Crazy, huh? is a good link that discusses the power of pheromones.

Rachel A. on 05 Nov 2009: My BF! WHAT A HOTTIE

Cindy J. Rimnac on 02 Nov 2009: You look great Matt and you are right about shopping for great deals. you can find great bargins if you search for them.