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June 16, 2024


Fall fashion insight highlights boots

October 8, 2009

River Falls might not be known for its fashion or its keen sense of style, however with this weekly column we can work together to educate and get excited about clothes, accessories and shoes.

If fashion has been a strange and intimidating aspect of your life, this column is definitely for you. We will break the fundamentals down to the core, by exploring different aspects of fashion each week.

However, if you are on the other side of the spectrum and have always been styling, keep reading, because you might never know when you will learn something new. And if you are really styling you might even be featured as the week’s “Fashionista/Trendsetter.”

Item of the week: Boots.

As the temperature takes a nose-dive and our feet feel the pinch of frosty weather, people are packing away their beloved flips flops and open-toed pumps, and looking for alternatives. It might be simple to just grab a pair of tennis shoes or any type of sneaker, but resist the temptation! There is a cuter alternative—BOOTS! Be they flat boots, boots with heels, long boots, short boots, or good ol’ Uggs, boots are a definitely a great choice for comfort and style this fall. So let’s do a quick rundown on boots. Short boots are boots that come up a little above ankle length and come in all types of materials.

This look is cute paired with leggings or a skirt as they function like a cuter version of a sneaker.

Longer boots are boots that come up to just below the knee. “Uggs” or “FUggs” (Fake Uggs that can be purchased in most stores, cost about $30, way cheaper than the $300 you would spend on real Uggs) look incredible paired with jeans tucked inside the boot. Style Tip: Pair these boots with skinny jeans as they’ll be easier to tuck into the boots without any budge. 

BEWARE: One look to avoid is the ever-popular sweatpants and Uggs combination. Come on people, you spend a lot on those Uggs, do them justice and wear them with a nice pair of jeans or tight leggings. Let’s be honest here, it takes the same amount of time to pull on a pair of sweatpants as it does a pair of jeans, so why not go with the more professional look!

Boots are a must have for this beautiful fall season, and would continue to work well into the winter season. However, be aware of salt damage to boots once the rock salts are applied. An at-home treatment would be to dab the stain with vinegar and steam it. An alternative is to purchase a water and salt repellent.

As we look around campus we notice people with a wide range of lifestyles and attitudes that correlate very well with their style. To celebrate everyone’s individual and unique style on campus, every week the Student Voice will feature a “Fashionista/Trendsetter.” This feature will include a short biography of a person on campus, complete with a photoshoot shot by our chief professional photographers on the Student Voice and will be featured on the new Web site.

This week’s feature is Sally King, a conservative dresser with a keen sense of color. To read up more on her style visit the new Student Voice Web site, and select “fashion.” Next week’s feature is Bleeker Ayers, the girl with a style of her own, complete with a scooter and a backwards hat.

If you think you are an ideal choice for a feature, or want to nominate someone you know, please visit the Web site to register.

Priya Kailash is a student at UW-River Falls.