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Autumn fashion for guys

October 15, 2009

Hello, River Falls. Week two of the fashion column is here. Has there been a notable enough change on campus, or are people still opting to wear their sweatpants and sweatshirts six days out of the week? Let’s work together to educate both men and women on how to dress properly and professionally. Let’s face it-outer appearance does make a difference.

Since last week’s column was predominantly focused on women and women’s boots and accessories, this week will be focused on men. However, ladies, read on, and help your boyfriends or guy friends add some style to their wardrobe. You never know when you might learn something new.

Men, you might feel as though your styling options are limited, and thus think you can use that as an excuse to dress the way I see most guys dressed on campus-like they had just woken up from bed!

If you do enjoy waking up from bed and leaving for class, I suggest you dress up before headed off to bed. Come on guys, “bed hair” might be sexy on some guys, but ‘bed clothes’ isn’t sexy on any guy.

It seems like attracting the ladies is the dominating factor for many men, but how are you going to accomplish that dressing like a slob?

Women like men who look and act like men, not boys. Remember, even though it’s personality that captures the heart, it’s the beauty that captures the eye. You will notice people treating you with more respect, as you are dressed like someone of importance, and most of all, you will give yourself that extra boost of confidence to talk to that dream girl you’ve had a crush on for what seems like forever.

Do justice to yourself men, and dress well and confidently! Confidence after all, is the most attractive thing a man can have, and confidence comes from looking and feeling good!

This week: Cardigan sweater

Men prefer comfort to style any day, so if we can find an item that could potentially combine both, we would get our item of the week. A sweater cardigan is perfect for any guy who likes comfort, durability, and style, and a definite must-have for the colder months.

Sweater cardigans come in a variety of styles and colors. There are long sleeves, no sleeves, front open, or vests.  Visit the Student Voice Web site and click on the fashion link for an example of each.

No matter the type of sweater cardigan, you can never go wrong with layering a long-sleeved button-up collar shirt inside the sweater cardigan. This look automatically elongates a man, and adds more of a masculine charm.

This look is also really versatile as it can be easily dressed up or dressed down. Dress it up for a meeting or a class presentation with a tie, or dress it down by layering a casual undershirt with a long sleeve sweater cardigan. For more style ideas or for any questions about fashion and style, please visit the Web site at or shoot me an e-mail at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

This week’s feature is Bleeker Ayers, the girl with a style of her own, complete with a scooter and a backwards hat. Check out to read up on her style and short biography, complete with a photoshoot shot by our Student Voice photographers.

Next week’s feature is Kamila Stafin, a girl with a classic and chic style and smile that can turn any eye.

If you think you are an ideal choice for a feature, or want to nominate someone you know, visit the Student Voice Web site to register.

Priya Kailash is a student at UW-River Falls.