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May 29, 2024




Warmer weather brings procrastination to campus

September 18, 2009

It took a long time to write this article. I didn’t strain every muscle to bring you golden words; I didn’t toil away, wide eyes staring into my laptop. No, I did something much less productive but much more fun…I successfully got distracted. Not that I wanted to, mind you-I’m excited to write columns for the Student Voice for the first time-but the weather was so nice. Every time I sat down, laptop ready, the sun would poke through the blinds and whisper,“Come and bask in my infinite warm glory.” How could I refuse such a line? All that sun-fueled laughter of course made me hungry, so I had no time to write. How could I write on an empty stomach? I bet Stephen King doesn’t write on an empty stomach. But to decide what to eat…maybe I should run to the store…

A few Lunchables and two colas later, this is it. I’m going to write a piece that will blow the readers right off their pleasant chairs. Here I go, one…two…three…

I love my ringtone. It’s an Incubus number. Swell investment. I hear it as I lower my hands to the keyboard. Now, I’m a very decent person and can’t ignore a call without an internal battle. While my phone lights up and sings my face twists in agony and questions bounce in my mind. I’m busy, should I answer it? Who am I kidding? Do I even know what I’m doing here? “Mom” dances across the little screen. That settles it.

Forty-five minutes later I hear the click of my phone as I set it on the table. One of the first things we learn as a child is to never, ever ignore your mother. By this time I’m determined to get some words splashed on my Microsoft Word document that’s staring at my face. I crack my knuckles, clear my throat, and take my seat. It’s the big time, the final countdown, the bingo. As I begin to write, a constant buzzing sound emanates from the kitchen. Now, I’m a curious and safety conscience sort of girl. I obviously need to stop writing immediately, even close my laptop completely, and check this nonsense out. I peek my head around the bedroom door and every sense tells me there is no danger. Yet I must press on for the sake of humanity. Silently I glide down the hall, drawing upon all those karate chops I used to assault my older brother with. The light from the kitchen reaches out to me, beckoning a savior. Holding my breath, I jump onto the linoleum, fists up. A tiny red fan looks back at me, humming away. At least something’s doing its job around here. I drag my feet to the living room and fall back into the couch.

What should this article be about? Let me just ponder a moment. Flinching, I open my eyes to look at what was poking me awake. One of my roommates suggests I stop hogging the couch and get to work on that article thing I’m supposed to do. I thank them for their polite wake-up call and stumble back to my room, where my laptop still sits. The clock clicks to 8:40. The whole day just shot by! I was trying so hard and still no article! The horror of it all overcame me. In fury I put on my pajamas, yanked the covers back, and dove into bed. I need all the sleep I can cram in to my busy schedule—I have to write this article tomorrow.

<b>Laura Krawczyk</b> is a student at the University of Wisconsin-River Falls.