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June 16, 2024

UWRF Student Senate election results announced

April 27, 2009

The UWRF Student Senate election results for the 2009-10 school year were announced Friday. The number of students who voted was 401, up from 345 in 2008. The results are as follows:

Position: Name (number of votes)
President: Josh Brock (289)
Vice President: Dan Scott (183)
CAFES Senator: Sandra Kirchner (40)
CAS Senator: Jordan Kocak (132)
CBE Senator: Katie Rose (28)
COEPS Senator: Amy Wickenhauser (41)
Non Traditional Senator: Brent Hopkins (166)
At Large Senators: Alex Nelson (103), Brad Kerschner (126), Katy Van Puten (101), Kayla Godes (112), Patrick Okan (99), Tyler Halverson (96), William Larson (108)

Students were in favor of the following issues or changes to Student Senate
1. Change Diversity and Women’s Initiatives committee to the Diversity Initiatives committee and the Womens’s and Gender Initiatives committee (278 to 77)
2. Change the allocable fee process and structure (184 to 137)
3. Add a 26th Seat on Student Senate for a Military Representative (283 to 76)
4. Change Legislative Issues committee to Legislative Affairs committee (285 to 57)
5. Support the establishment of a Student Pub on campus(260 to 116)
6. Support the establishment of a Multicultural Center (266 to 96)

Students were not in favor of the following
1. Support in joining United Council of UW Students (165 to 193)