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June 20, 2024

Carnival canceled due to lack of student interest

March 5, 2009

The Winter Carnival happens every spring semester at UW-River Falls, but this year, the Carnival was cancelled due to the low number of teams signed up to participate. 

Sara Gliniany is the special events coordinator on campus, and she had a lot of involvement in the planning of the Winter Carnival, which was scheduled for Feb. 23-27. 

“Winter Carnival has been going on since at least the 1960s. It’s a time to celebrate our cold winter weather and gives students something to look forward to during the long winter months,” Gliniany said. 

Prior to being canceled, this year’s events included: Miss Tootsie, Lip Sync, a hat and mitten drive, snow sculptures, trivia and a human dog sled race. 

“Traditionally teams and royalty compete in these events throughout the week,” Gliniany said.

Abby Maliszewski, chair of the Homecoming Committee (now called Traditions) from 2007-08, said she was shocked that this year’s Carnival was canceled. 

“There are ways to gather interest it takes hard work and lots of planning. Events aren’t something that can be thrown together if you want them to turn out well,” Maliszewski said.

Proper advertising, publicity, promotion and word of mouth generate buzz as well create ways to cater to the audience’s desires. Maliszewski said she feels events like the Carnival are crucial to have on campuses the size of UWRF.

“Traditions like Winter Carnival, Homecoming and even the rodeo should establish a unity amongst UWRF students. Celebrations and events bring people together,” she said. Sporting events, concerts even weekly bingo arenĂ•t going to be successful if they aren’t planned correctly. What will students remember? What will they be allowed to remember?

Students agree to pay fees included in their tuition to fund Winter Carnival each year. Even though the Carnival was cancelled, Gliniany said the money will not be wasted.

:The money that was set for Winter Carnival will still pay for the comedian that was on Wednesday [Feb. 25] night:, Gliniany said. As far as the remaining money the committee has, it will probably go towards next year’s budget.