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May 25, 2024


Student Savings Card to be offered by Student Senate this semester

February 19, 2009

UW-River Falls students will soon be offered discounts at local businesses through a Student Savings Card from the UWRF Student Senate, and this can make a difference in where they decide to shop.

For groceries, for example, they can go to Dick’s on the south end of town or EconoFoods on Main Street.

“I live two doors down from the Dick’s grocery store, but they don’t offer me anything off. I figure I can drive that little extra to Econo to pick up the discount,” Rachel Weisenbeck, a junior at UWRF, said.

Econo Foods offers students a 5 percent discount when they present their student ID at the register.

EconoFoods is not the only business in River Falls that offers discounts to students who have their student ID. Econo Foods’ discount is operated under a program that other businesses in the area use as well. UWRF’s Student Senate is working to resurrect this discount program.

Dusty Pfundheller is one of the Student Senate’s driving forces behind the program. Using an example of the program from 1994, Pfundheller said the discounts are something he’s very excited about.

“This program benefits every student at UWRF-on and off campus-especially with the way the economy is right now. It’s just so beneficial,” Pfundheller said.

The Student Senate reassured students that the system is not very complicated. Pfundheller and company have talked to each of the businesses involved. The businesses participating are going to have a sign on their door that says they offer discounts when a student presents his or her student ID.

Pfundheller has set out to viciously promote the discount program.

“Students just aren’t aware of it. If I would have known, I could have saved so much money. We’re determined to get the news out all over campus,” he said.

Student Senate is currently in the process of creating cards that have lists of each business involved. Pfundheller thinks these will be the key to letting students know where they can save and how much discount is offered.

“These cards will be distributed all over campus. We’re looking to work with the res halls and see if we can stick them in students’ mailboxes. We’ve created a Facebook group, and there’s a Web site, too. We’re really working very hard to get the word out. This program will benefit every student at UWRF,” Pfundheller said.

Students who live off-campus will benefit as well. Pfundheller said he feels that these students will actually benefit the most.

“Students off-campus are the ones who need to go grocery shopping. They’re the ones who need to go buy appliances and home furnishings. This program is perfect for those students,” Pfundheller said.

Businesses involved include those from both River Falls and Hudson. In addition, Pfundheller said that Student Senate has made an agreement with UW-Stout to share in their program as well.

“UW-Stout has a program just like the one in River Falls. It’s managed and organized so well. We’ve worked with them to allow it so our students can use their IDs to get discounts in Menomonie. Ideally, we’d love to work something out with the U of M,” Pfundheller said.

Some of the businesses involved include: Buffalo Wild Wings, Perkins, Hudson Bowling Center and From You Flowers. A complete list of businesses and discounts is available online.

Pfundheller said the Student Senate-made cards will be ready in about two weeks for distribution.