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June 12, 2024

Sodexo introduces more changes this semester

February 12, 2009

Sodexo has been the food service provider at UW-River Falls for one semester, and for this semester, some changes are being made in multiple aspects of the program.

Dining Services Director Jerry Waller said the University was fine-tuning all the way through first semester.

“Students, staff and Sodexo were all making adjustments during the fall. It was a learning process for us all,” Waller said.

Changes to UWRF’s meal services this semester include added hours to the C-Store. The store will now be open Friday nights and all day Saturday and Sunday. During these new times, transfer meals will be offered.

“Making these adjustments increases meal options for students,” Waller said.

In addition, Dining Services is working with Sodexo to make menu rotations within Riverside Commons throughout each week. Regardless of feedback, Riverside will make changes in their menus semester-by-semester to keep items up-to-date and fresh.

In addition to the improvements Sodexo is making at UWRF in terms of food, the service is also working aggressively to be a sustainable program. Biodegradable and compostable containers and cups are being used on campus.

Students have different views about the new dining service on campus.

Cassie Paulson, a junior at UWRF, said she is not impressed with the new program.

“I feel like the food selection is repetitive, but on another note, I feel like they try to force meal plans on me that I can’t afford. I live on campus, but I don’t want a meal plan. They won’t let me out of it, though. If you live on campus, you have to have a meal plan,” Paulson said.

Brennen Toquam, a sophomore at UWRF, said he feels the cafeteria lacks variety.

“I don’t know if the quality is any better than before,” he said, “I do like the food that isn’t included on the meal plans, though, like World of Wings.”

Devin Mayer is a freshman at UWRF, and he said he is not disappointed with Sodexo’s variety and quality.

“Maybe it’s because it’s the only thing I’ve known at River Falls, but I think the way things are run and the things that are offered are pretty good,” he said. “I rarely find things to complain about.”

Waller said he appreciates anyone’s comments.

“We welcome comments. They’re very, very important to us. We get e-mails asking for more variety, but we need the input to be specific,” Waller said. “E-mail us with what we can do for you specifically.”