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July 22, 2024


University bar would have been a happier choice for UWRF student majority

October 18, 2007

Last week, our lovely Student Voice published an article about the opening of Roots, the new healthy-choice eating venue in the lower level of the University Center. The article also touched on the subject of a bar being installed in that same location, which is obviously no longer an option.

In fact, the bar was dismissed as perhaps a mere rumor, a whisper of an idea barely able to survive in the face of the worried and super moral administration. Sure, the Student Senate “explored” the idea, but what the hell does that even mean? Did anyone ask the student body?

This issue of Spinach versus Booze evokes the concept of true American democracy. And it’s my belief that the larger student body would be much happier pounding an ice-cold Leinenkugels instead of choking down some gluten-free, whole grain, free range Salisbury butt-skin stuffed with artichoke mulch.

I mean, sure, that sounds delicious for my spleen and all—but when it comes to consuming cafeteria food, I’d rather have a recognizable and hormone-blasted potato-related dish instead of weird, earthen hearth omega-fatty-acid-dipped beanstalks.

College students are fairly young people. Healthy eating really isn’t too necessary until you hit your fifties, at least. Am I right?

I can’t help but assume that the decision to open Roots instead of a bar was arrived at imperfectly. Of course I have nothing to back up this opinion with, but meh.

As a couple Student Voice columnists convincingly argued last year, the pros of an on-campus bar far outweigh the cons. Instead of saying that Student Senate “explored” the idea, I think it’s necessary for them to fully explain the decision-making process to us.

What if Roots fails like Zona Mexicana? Will they then give the bar idea any more credibility? I think not. I think the decision was made more out of political fear than solid, logical reasoning. It’s the same with the people trying to ban smoking across campus—what an absurd idea.

A lot of college kids smoke and drink—it’s a fact of life. It’s not really college without a little alcohol, a little tobacco and a little drunken philosophizing. You’re all big enough to walk away from it if you want.

So I’m asking you now: What do you want? Would you rather munch on an organic, soybean, shiitake and avocado surprise or sip responsibly on a chilled and coastered Jack and Coke between classes?

I would love to hear back from the student community on this. I just think that it’s better to address the desires of the majority rather than cater to a small sect of vegan bark-chewers.

Of course it’s too late to do anything important about it, but I think it’s an interesting topic that could use some discussion.

It seems the official discussion about this was made behind our backs, and I wish the process had been made a little more transparent.

So what do you think?

Joe Hager is a student at UW-River Falls.