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July 14, 2024

Letter to the editor

Senate committees already a success

October 11, 2007

Last week the Student Voice published a letter to the editor by Joe Eggers regarding the combination of two Student Senate committees. Student Senate felt that by blending the Women’s Initiatives Committee with the Diversity Issues Committee, their efficiency would increase. In the past, these committees have collaborated together on numerous projects and by creating one united front, the committee will be more effective. It should also be noted that Senate has implemented a co-director system for the new committee to maintain the two paid positions like there were before.

There was also a factual error in Eggers’ statement. These changes have already become effective. Although the combination of these two committees required a bylaw change (which typically would not go into effect until the next academic year), it was stated in the motion that the change would become effective immediately.

Although I want everyone to be aware of these changes, Joe Eggers (a former Senate president) has brought up a more important issue to me personally. To effectively assess what is best for the student body, we need to hear students’ input.  While Joe and many other students have strong opinions regarding Student Senate, they must share their opinions in a more effective way—during the meetings. This way the entire Senate can hear their valuable contributions before a resolution is approved.

Lastly, I would just like to state that the combination of these two committees has proved to be a great success. It has two very enthusiastic Co-Directors that are accomplishing great things for Diversity and Women’s initiatives. They are currently planning on sending roughly 50 students to the Women’s Leadership Conference in November, and they are also hoping to co-host a vigil for the Compassion Care for Rape Victims Act, which is expected to be held October 17.

Derek Brandt
Student Senate President