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June 16, 2024

Letter to the editor

Senate operates behind scenes

November 10, 2006

Student Senate works long and hard hours to represent the students of UWRF.

However, this hard work is not all flash and controversy. Many of the senators and committees that work to ensure students across campus are represented do work behind the scenes.

Two of the biggest undertakings Student Senate has done involve the University’s strategic planning and this week’s elections. Are strategic planning goals or getting students to vote necessarily a “sexy” topic for Senate to work on? No, of course not, but this does not mean they are any less important. Senators are spending large numbers of hours with faculty and staff in committee meetings discussing the future of this University. For some reason, that does not get as much publicity as Senate’s stance on the marriage amendment. However, the results of the strategic planning will have a far larger impact on what this University will look like in the coming years.

Many of the Student Senate committees have done exceptional work that has gone unnoticed by the Student Voice. Our Shared Governance director, Derek Brandt, has worked with his committee to ensure students are placed on various University committees and their voices heard. Student Affairs and Academic Services Director Dan Scott has been working with his committee to make sure students lock their car doors at night. Sarah Saal, our Women’s Initiatives director, has been advocating breast cancer awareness. Ashley Olson has been meeting with underrepresented students across campus to ensure they have a voice in what is going on in our growing campus.

These are just some of the many things senators have been doing and some of the examples of excellent work the Student Voice has overlooked in order to get a “sexy” story.

Joe Eggers, Student Senate president