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May 23, 2024



Summer of music

September 21, 2006

The droning sounds of "Promiscuous Girl" and "SexyBack" shatter your eardrums as you groggily attempt to slam the snooze button for another five miserable minutes of that ever-so-needed, or should I say, wanted sleep.

Yes, that's right, classes have begun and summer is over. Fall is here. Whether you recognized it or not, the summer of ‘06 was the summer of rock. With a plethora of album releases from many bands, such as Cute is What We Aim For, UnderOATH, The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Dashboard Confessional and The Early November, it was hard to watch your bank account slide away into nothingness for two more weeks while you anticipated the next new music Tuesday.

On top of countless album releases, many bands decided to invade the Midwest with show upon show. From Warped Tour 2006 to Reel Big Fish at the Quest, and let's not forget local bands trying hard to make themselves known, this summer was anything but quiet.

Aside from rock music, pop also made an attempt to keep up with the boom. Even Paris Hilton felt the need to release an album that can only be described as repulsive. The thought of her attempting to sing and be classified as a musician is near social suicide.

Then we slide into fall of 2006 with ‘N Sync's bad boy returning with his second solo release since the much-needed break up of boy band culture. For those of you who can't forget those mind numbing words, "Go ahead be gone with it and get your sexy on," the album dropped Sept.12.

But enough with pop music — please stop destroying my eardrums, thanks. Radio off.

A September release to look forward to is Las Vegas' own Escape the Fate, dropping its first full-length album, "Dying Is Your Latest Fashion," on Sept. 26. It's a must have, no ifs, ands, or buts about it. A summer ‘06 Warped Tour favorite, Silverstein, is re-releasing its second album, Discovering the Waterfront, with a DVD and live footage — definitely a must. And don't forget to check them out Oct. 14 at the Quest with Victory Records buddies, Aiden.

Whatever you choose, Mr. SexyBack or future rock gods, Escape the Fate, enjoy and stay tuned.

Erik Wood is a student at UW-River Falls.