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May 23, 2024



Death-Grip holds strong

April 6, 2006

According to Victory Records, “In a musical environment that values style at least as much as substance, many bands embrace one over the other, or attempt to walk a tightrope between excessive showiness and serious, honest song craft. Atreyu have firmly established themselves on the side of solid songwriting, tight arrangements and musicianship with their previous albums, Suicide Notes and Butterfly Kisses, The Curse and A Death-Grip on Yesterday takes their dedication to new heights with great metallic rock songs, mind-boggling guitar runs and the dynamic brutality they are known for.”

With album sales shockingly higher than previous records, Atreyu has truly stepped it up in the music world. Lyrically, the band has taken things to another level with a newly-found second screamer aside from Alex Varkatzas (lead vocals, screaming).

The ideas of hypocrisy, betrayal and corruption are rampant throughout A Death-Grip On Yesterday. The talent of Atreyu has increased tenfold. In late 2005, the group produced A Death-Grip on Yesterday in only two months. To put out an album of this caliber in that short amount of time is phenomenal. According to Victory Records, Brandon Saller (drums/vocals ) commented on the truth behind the new album, “This record was very natural for us. We just kind of poured ourselves out for this one; it came more naturally than anything we’ve done in the past.”

The album opens with an attention-grabbing intro. Everything contained in “Creature” is what truly makes Atreyu stand out in comparison to other metal bands. The lyrical interaction featured coincides with the melodic percussion, which intertwines melodically with the fierce screams of Varkatzas.

Another track that sheds light on Atreyu’s improvement is “The Theft.” This track builds momentum through graceful lyrics and melodic guitar work. Some may say that it’s a little slow for these guys, but it reveals their true talent.

The hit single “Ex’s and Oh’s” is a heart-racing track filled with modern rock elements and a unique sound that only Atreyu is capable of producing. The amazing guitar solo steps this band up totally from previous releases.

Before listening to A Death-Grip on Yesterday, I really didn’t have a feel for Atreyu. After listening, it has pushed me to check out older albums. I believe whole-heartedly that A Death-Grip On Yesterday is by far the best album to date. With the success of the recent album, the band has added to the 2006 OzzFest line-up. Atreyu was also a part of Taste of Chaos 2006. These are two of the largest American music tours, aside from Warped Tour. Atreyu has come far since the day the members came together. If you can, check them out in Somerset, Wisc. on July 14 for OzzFest to truly understand the talent they possess. You can also pick up this wonderful album at a Best Buy near you. It’s definitely worth it.