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February 5, 2023



Rachel Woodman

13 Dec 2012

Motherhood causing inequality in workplace

Your perceptions of inequality between the sexes in the workplace may be inaccurate. Women are not being excluded from pay or positions within corporations because of men, but because women as a whole do not want these positions.

06 Dec 2012

Parents approach Santa differently

When Christmas comes to mind, Santa will also, whether or not you are still a believer. The story of Santa is typically a happy one and his discovery as fake usually results in few broken hearts.

29 Nov 2012

Older women don't appreciate 'cougar' title

This week’s column is dedicated to a particular type of feline: cougars.
Any close friend of mine knows I’ve been 13-going-on-30 since my preteen years. This desire to be my idealized version of the perfect woman – awesome, career-minded, future cool mom, with moves like Jagger – has followed me since my youth.

15 Nov 2012

Winter blues affects some women

As temperatures drop and sunlight wanes, forms of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), can cause depression-like symptoms for people living in the northern hemisphere.

15 Nov 2012

Reflect professionalism on social media

We’re all guilty of “Facebook Stalking.” Or as I prefer to call it: being really, really, friendly.

08 Nov 2012

Conquering the green-eyed monster named jealousy

“She said she daydreams about killing you.” That’s what my high school classmate said to me after Photography II let out. Someone had daydreamed about killing me.

25 Oct 2012

Tricks, treats on Halloween

Sharing the deep history of Halloween

18 Oct 2012

Ladies, say no to leggings

Since the inception of this column I’ve been asked multiple times to dedicate a column to a specific hated fashion trend: chicks wearing leggings as pants.

11 Oct 2012

Squirrel law on campus decoded

A reoccurring topic of conversation among students is about there being a “Squirrel Law” on campus. A ban on chasing squirrels. Many of you have likely been warned sternly by your friends not to chase squirrels or else be fined.

11 Oct 2012

Food Pantry struggles to feed community

The River Falls Community Food Pantry struggles to raise enough donations to meet the rising need of area families.

Rachel Woodman

Rachel Woodman is a senior majoring in marketing communications and minoring in journalism. She loves to work hard, play hard, and use clichés! Look for her Facebook page “Rachel Responds” and email her your questions or topic ideas to