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September 26, 2022



Adam Vircks

02 Apr 2009

Tiger thrills golf fans again at Bay Hill

Many people find watching a golf tournament on a Sunday afternoon rather boring. I won’t lie, as a kid I would rather watch paint dry than watch a final round of the Masters. Not until the eighth grade did I […]

05 Mar 2009

With no salary cap in baseball, small market teams will suffer

The New York Yankees are sometimes considered synonymous with baseball. They have a tradition of winning and winning often. However, what is going too far to ensure that the winning tradition continues on? This past offseason the Yankees signed three […]

05 Feb 2009

Super Bowl hype is a little too much today

When I was in the fourth grade I was able to watch one of the most exciting things to happen in Wisconsin sports history: the Green Bay Packers beating the New England Patriots 35 to 21 in Super Bowl XXXI. […]

Adam Vircks

Adam Vircks is a student at the University of Wisconsin-River Falls.