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September 28, 2022


Freezing Fog

Wesley Sigsworth

28 Feb 2017

'Get Out' a fresh take on thriller genre with eerie story

“Get Out” is a thriller/mystery film and the directorial debut of long-time “Key and Peele” actor and writer Jordan Peele. The plot centers around Chris, a black photographer, who is dating Rose, a white woman. Rose is bringing Chris to meet her parents for the weekend.

22 Feb 2017

Mystery and horror coalesce to become something terrifying in 'The Autopsy of Jane Doe'

“The Autopsy of Jane Doe” is a horror/thriller film that has been on the film festival circuit since the later part of 2016. It is available to rent online on iTunes and Google Play, to name a few.

01 Feb 2017

Stunning film 'La La Land' is more than just another musical

A good movie should at least entertain the viewer for the two or so hours they sit and watch it. A great movie makes the viewer forget they paid eight dollars to see it. A phenomenal movie makes the viewer want to walk out of the theater after the credits and walk right into the next showing and see it again. “La La Land” does this and much more.

30 Nov 2016

Archives at UW-River Falls sees growth in student patrons

The number of students visiting and using the archives at UW-River Falls is on a steady rise since 2013.

16 Nov 2016

'Bronson' is a dive into the life of Britain's most infamous prisoner

“Bronson” (2008) is a biopic about Charles Bronson (not to be confused with the actor of the same name), who is considered to be Britain's most violent and notorious prisoner.

02 Nov 2016

Artful thriller 'I Am the Pretty Thing That Lives in the House' intrigues rather than scares

Atmospheric and palpably tense, this newly released Netflix original is a slow build toward a beautifully written but somewhat confusing supernatural thriller.

26 Oct 2016

'Ouija: Origin of Evil' offers nothing new, but executes horror incredibly well

I recently read the 1971 horror classic “The Exorcist” and was absolutely riveted and horrified by its story and atmosphere. It scratched a certain itch that I have for quality horror, horror that doesn’t give meaningless gore or countless jump scares, but treats us to something that digs into the core of our human psyche.

19 Oct 2016

'The Invitation' is an unnerving and believable thriller

“The Invitation” is a psychological drama/thriller released to limited theaters in April 2016. Prior to this release, the film made its rounds at film festivals around the globe beginning the previous year. This micro budget movie was directed by Karyn Kusama who has previously directed "Aeon Flux" (2005) and "Jennifer’s Body" (2009).

12 Oct 2016

'Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow' is a blast from sci-fi past

I might be an odd one saying this, but I love the old science fiction films from the 1950s and '60s. I remember staying up late on Saturday nights to watch the show “Svengoolie” on a local TV station where they would air an old sci-fi or horror movie and provide comedic commentary during commercials.

05 Oct 2016

'Se7en' is a classic, but disturbing

Some movies affect you in such a drastic way that you find yourself wanting to either avoid eating for a while or finding the need to watch cat videos until you fall asleep.

Wesley Sigsworth

Wesley Sigsworth is a student at UW-River Falls.