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Muriel Montgomery

Muriel Montgomery

Muriel Montgomery is a student at UW-River Falls.

16 Oct 2008

Barack Obama: guilty by association?

Wisconsin is one of 13 states in which the organization of ACORN (Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now) is being investigated for election fraud.  Allegedly seven felons were found working for the Milwaukee chapter of ACORN. Thousands of fraudulent voter registration cards were submitted (that we know of), including the names of deceased, imprisoned […]

09 Oct 2008

Politics show masculine, feminine contrast

Joe Biden said that it would be a “backward step for women” if Sarah Palin were elected into office. On face value, his statement is absurd. A female vice-president is symbolic of an impressive move toward a new era of sexual equality. As I tried to wrap my mind around Biden’s statement, I realize that […]

02 Oct 2008

Democrats receive accusations for America’s economic struggle

The irony of the economic struggle with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac (F&F) is not lost on me. Fannie Mae was formulated by Franklin D. Roosevelt in the New Deal to help pull the United States out of the Great Depression. Now Fannie and her brother are the cause of the greatest economic disaster since, […]

25 Apr 2008

Iraq war is more than signs, chants

Teresa Aviles asked in her column last week: Why the low turnout at the anti-war rally? She indicated that the problem was due to students’ lack of education and awareness on the matter.

07 Feb 2008

Apparently atheism has very strict rules

I was afforded the winter break to contemplate my response to Joe Hager’s column on so-called angry atheism, so I’ll try to make the most of this opportunity. Hager complained of recent trends toward anti-religion among atheists. I prefer the term ‘antitheism,’ as was first presented to me by the brilliant author Christopher Hitchens. My […]

20 Oct 2006

Anti-smokers should adjust

The only person responsible for a student’s health is the student.