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26 Oct 2016

Student Health: Reminding self of former hobbies offers break from reality

Do you have a passion? Is this passion a hobby of yours? Do you frequently get lost in pursuing this passion? I hope so, because for many of us, passion is the ingredient that has been missing from our lives.

21 Sep 2016

Student Health: How to adjust to college life

Advice to freshmen: Stay in town the first few weekends of college.

18 Feb 2010

Seasonal Affective Disorder can impact students at UWRF

Do you feel like you want to hibernate?  Are you more irritable than usual?  Do you feel down more than you do at other times of the year?  It could be Seasonal Affective Disorder, SAD for short. February and March are long months in these parts.  The reason seems to be, in part, that we […]