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September 26, 2022



Abby Maliszewski

07 May 2009

Student Voice works for your information

Working for a paper, I’ve witnessed a large amount of ridiculousness. Although sometimes ridiculousness can turn into a mess, sometimes it adds to things of betterness. Every Wednesday night our little family of at least 11 puts this thing that […]

19 Feb 2009

River Falls bars defy expectations, serve surprises

Week two’s bar review definitely adds to the smorgasbord of establishments in River Falls. But before you choose your favorite place, make sure to visit them all. It doesn’t have to be in one night, of course ... but that’s […]

05 Feb 2009

River Falls bars cater to diverse crowds

Ah, yes, downtown River Falls-a place full of options that never fails to please. I’m talking bars, of course. I began conducting my River Falls bar research this summer, taking notes that progressively got sloppier as the night went on. […]

07 May 2008

Happy cows come from smart management choices

You’ve seen those “Happy Cows Come From California” commercials advertising California cheese, right? Those Cali. cows have it made—they’re free to roam endless acres of meadows with soft, luscious grass, and the sun shining all the time. They love everything […]

11 Apr 2008

College students advised to run away from monotony

I’m kind of angry right now; I’m trying to pinpoint the cause of my anger, but I can’t seem to put a finger on it. As soon as I think I have the reason, a new one pops into my […]

03 Apr 2008

Columnist wonders where the college has gone

A marketing agency out of the Twin Cities has begun figuring out what UW-River Falls is all about. Its goal is to identify a platform that UWRF can use to market itself to the world.  Prospective students will know exactly […]

27 Mar 2008

Auto insurance confirms safety, reliability

Every automobile has its own history in a similar way that every individual has his or her own history. A responsible automobile’s owner should treat and handle it well to prolong mechanical life and should hope that everyone else would […]

12 Mar 2008

Expectations may ruin the outcome of events

Do you remember the process you went through to go to college? I’m not talking about filling out applications and going on college visits; I’m talking about mental thought process. Did you always know you were going to go to […]

28 Feb 2008

Stereotypes show differences between boys’ and girls’ ideas

“I’m sick of guys; they’re so typical.” And “girls—they’re just so difficult.” He can only devote himself to one thing at a time, whether it’s sports, music or taking on new leadership roles. But she handles school, a job, her […]

21 Feb 2008

Insignificant complaining comparable to that of a plague

I’m not a fan of complaining. It’s annoying, it’s tedious, and it makes me want to get in your face and ask you to“shut the hell up.” So naturally, I’m going to complain about your complaining. The weather. You’re living […]

Abby Maliszewski

Abby Maliszewski is a student at UW-River Falls.