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Shalena Janis

Shalena Janis

Shalena Janis is a student at UW-River Falls.

05 Feb 2007

Class times will shorten by five minutes next semester

For the 2007-08 academic school year, Monday, Wednesday and Friday class times will be reduced by five minutes, making each class period 50-minutes long. Tuesday and Thursday sessions will be only 75 minutes, instead of the current 85-minute length. Faculty Senate approved a motion, which was investigated and written by the Calendar Committee by a […]

09 Nov 2006

Drafty doors chill South Hall occupants

South Hall was colder than usual last week when garbage bags were visibly placed around the building’s new exterior doors to block airflow through gaps surrounding the doorway.

09 Nov 2006

Student paints mural to honor professor

In remembrance of history professor Ed Peterson, who died of heart failure March 25, 2005, student Garrett Bergemann painted a mural depicting six different postures of his teaching style.

02 Nov 2006

Students voice concerns to a sluggish Senate

With every position filled on Student Senate, the ball should begin to start rolling for major motions to be passed. Yet the majority young and new senators have had a significant effect on business, resulting in consistently weak meetings.

26 Oct 2006

Homecoming shows campus spirit, old traditions

Homecoming week has come and gone with immense participation from student organizations, alumni and administration, making the week-long celebration a success.

26 Oct 2006

Senator brings diversity to the forefront

Student Senate is the voice of the students at UW-River Falls, and senators have the opportunity to address issues, including diversity. As diversity issues director, Senator Ashley Olson said she wants senators to be available to bring up issues that are important. Olson is also a member of the Diversity Issues Committee (DIC), which allows her to bring reports from DIC meetings to Senate.

19 Oct 2006

Play brings dating problems to the stage

Love, humor and ultimate humiliation are a great mix for a play, but the classical comedy “She Stoops to Conquer” has a different style. “It’s a laughing comedy with a complex plot that ties everything together,” said Gorden Hedahl, director and theater professor. “It has stood the test of time and still has that neat […]

19 Oct 2006

Congressman poses energy challenge

With the push for energy conservation on overdrive, U.S. Rep. Ron Kind,  D-La Crosse, extended a challenge, dubbed “The Greenest Generation Challenge,” to UW-River Falls during his visit to campus Oct. 17. “Conservation of energy is already on the forefront,” he said. “This is a challenge to the students to declare energy independence.” He said […]

19 Oct 2006

Senate drops coverage of event fee

A group of about 60 students were planning to attend United Council’s Women’s Leadership Conference, but now the numbers may drastically drop. Student Senate agreed to pay for only transportation and lodging, totally $3,440, rather than the original $5,534 that was requested Oct. 10. Sixty individuals planned to attend the conference at $35 each just […]

12 Oct 2006

Mentor program connects RF to inner-city students

Through the Upward Bound program, UW-River Falls faculty and students mentor, tutor and prepare inner-city students at Arlington High School in St. Paul for continuing their education at a college or university. “Upward Bound is a trio program helping young people who live in the inner city succeed in college,” said Karwee Marshall, a junior […]