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A.J. Hakari

A.J. Hakari

A.J. Hakari is a student at UW-River Falls.

11 Dec 2008

‘Punisher’ provides audience with unnecessary gore

Revenge films tend to follow one of two routes: the stories are either deadly serious or stylized tomes you have to admire for their sheer visual gusto.  “Punisher: War Zone” falls somewhere in between, and that’s precisely why it’s not so great of a movie.  This latest comic-to-screen adaptation dips its fingers in grim storytelling […]

04 Dec 2008

‘Australia’ evokes disagreement amongst reviewers

It’s never a good sign when the projectionist tells you to pack a lunch before watching a movie. This happened to me when I went to go see “Australia,” a big slice of epic pie from “Moulin Rouge!” director Baz Luhrmann. I took my friend’s words with a grain of salt, since I dug Luhrmann’s […]

20 Nov 2008

‘Quantam of Solace’ leaves out notorious ‘Bond’ action

Some will watch “Quantum of Solace” and proclaim that the James Bond the world grew up with is dead. He of the glib one-liners and infinite martinis (shaken, not stirred) has been replaced by a being resembling a British version of the Terminator. There’s next to nothing funny or tongue-in-cheek about the Bond of “Quantum […]

13 Nov 2008

‘Role Models’ has humorous moments, corny finale

“Role Models” is what you’d call half of an awesome movie. As cynical a soul as I am, I was relieved by the fresh start the flick got off to, impressed by its smarmy charm and unconventional attitude. But like Linus and his blanket, “Role Models” reveals itself to be hopelessly tethered to a sense […]

06 Nov 2008

Filmmaker delivers crass humor with 'Zack and Miri'

In recent years, Judd Apatow has made a killing churning out crass comedies with a hefty dose of heart. But lest we forget that it wasn’t so long ago that cult filmmaker Kevin Smith introduced viewers to such a style. But don’t look upon the man’s latest picture, “Zack and Miri Make a Porno,” as […]

30 Oct 2008

‘High School Musical 3’ same old song and dance

It took me a good three hours before I could even think of how to start talking about “High School Musical 3: Senior Year.” Having already reviewed the first two entries in Disney’s mystifyingly successful franchise, I knew even before paying for my ticket that I would have the exact same criticisms. But after sitting […]

23 Oct 2008

Reviewers disagree on movie’s George W. Bush portrayal

The mystery behind Oliver Stone’s “W.” is of a kind usually reserved for Bigfoot and PT Anderson films. Lionsgate has remained curiously tight-lipped about the movie in the months leading to its release, its scant few trailers only fueling the fire of anticipation. With a filmmaker of Stone’s disposition at the helm, you could probably […]

16 Oct 2008

‘Quarantine’ reflects Hollywood’s laziness, lack of creativity

Just when you thought American versions of foreign horror films were winding down to a close, along comes “Quarantine” to give this dead horse one last beating.

09 Oct 2008

‘How to Lose Friends and Alienate People’ lacks comedic focus

Budding journalists are taught that while true objectivity is a myth, their reporting should still be as slant-free as possible. As a result, movies have conjured up countless characters who abide by this creed, delicately dancing around ethical red tape as they battle the big, bad villain du jour. This is why I breathed a […]

02 Oct 2008

'Eagle Eye' fails to live up to expectations

  The 1970s were rife with paranoid thrillers. Stuff like “The Conversation” and “The Parallax View” were all about the proliferation of technology in society and how maybe — just maybe — someone was using it to spy on you right now. What the new DreamWorks release “Eagle Eye” does is take all those movies, […]