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February 24, 2024



Wisconsin Tuition Promise offered to UWRF students fall of 2023

September 21, 2022

The Wisconsin Tuition Promise is a new program that will help underserved Wisconsin students to attend a UW system university without having to pay tuition or fees.

The program will be launching in the fall of 2023. The goal is to help state residents who are first-generation students and students coming from low-to-moderate income families to graduate with a bachelor's degree. This would improve their own lives and their communities, and help meet the demands of the state’s workforce.

Students must come from families that earn less than $62,000 a year, and they must be enrolled at one of the 12 public universities in the UW system, other than UW-Madison.

Students must first file a FAFSA, and they will be automatically considered for the Wisconsin Tuition Promise when they apply for federal financial aid.

Due to this, the program is designed to provide the financial support that students need, after federal and state grant aid has been accounted for. The amount that each student will receive from the Tuition Promise will vary because of this.

Students must also be Wisconsin residents, be seeking a first-time bachelor or associate degree, be enrolled continuously, make academic progress each year, and have been employed within the last year.

Contact information for all of the university’s financial aid offices can be found at as well as current news on the Tuition Promise.