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June 23, 2024

UC terrace project to be completed spring 2023

September 21, 2022

A metal fence surrounds the eastern walkway in front of the UW-River Falls University Center. Inside the confines of the fence, construction is underway to erect the university’s new terrace renovation.

The project, set tentatively to be finished in early December, will be a new space for students to utilize at the university.  “It is a space to engage. A place to study, to sit, and hang out,” said Henry Walling, Associate Director of University Center Operations.

 The new terrace will feature festoon lighting to illuminate the patio and a variety of furniture for students to use.  “The idea is that we can get about 150 people sitting out there, so it is going to be expansive,” Walling said.

 The terrace was featured in the original designs for the university center over fifteen years ago.  “This was actually envisioned seventeen years ago when the [university center] was being conceptualized,” Walling stated.

 The space is also envisioned for student and community events. Walling went on to say. “This whole corridor will [also] become one larger event space, one gathering space...and available for campus-wide programming.”

 Funding for the project comes from students’ segregated fees, which are collected at the beginning of each semester.  For the fall semester of 2022, the segregated fee for the university center totaled $236.46 per student, according to the university’s website.  

Prior to the utilization of funds, Walling, along with other faculty of the university center, met with the student senate to approve projects. “Anytime your [student] fees are being assessed, that budget line has to be set and approved by student senate,” he said.

 The new terrace is projected to be available for student use for the spring semester of 2023.  “It’s just giving back the students their space...where they can be themselves, interact with people and relax,” Walling stated.