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November 29, 2023



UWRF responds to rising positive coronavirus cases

September 18, 2020

As of 7 p.m. on Sept. 18, the UW-River Falls campus will be following shelter-in-place orders through Oct. 3. There will also be a pause on all in-person classes during this time. This information is according to an email sent to all students from Interim Chancellor Connie Foster. 

According to the UWRF COVID-19 information dashboard, there are currently 85 total positive cases, 56 of those cases are from students currently residing in the residence halls. Due to increasing numbers, the university decided to pause face to face classes to allow time to transition to online. 

Interim Chancellor Foster said in her email that students will begin the full transition to 100% online courses on Monday, Sept. 21. Foster mentioned that this decision was made in collaboration with the Pierce County Public Health Department. Health officials encouraged students to not travel home during this two week period, as well as try their best to not attend any shifts at their place of work. Students will be able to continue to pick up meals at the University Center throughout this time. 

Another warning was included in the email to students regarding quarantine or isolation protocols. No in-person activities will be allowed unless approved through faculty. The only in-person activity allowed mentioned in the email was regarding student employees. If employees need to be in-person to do their work they are allowed. 

Junior student Natalie Rodgers is the Student Organizations Management Intern for the Office of Student Involvement. Rogers said, “I am glad the University made this choice, I think it is the right one, but I am concerned the information was not clear enough.” Rodgers continued, “As an anxious person having an hour and a half to get everything together was really provoking. I am also frightened by the number of students seemingly going home and worried that is counterproductive to what the university’s goal is by moving us online for two weeks.”  

Rodger’s final concern was that as a student who can’t go home due to distance and health concerns, she hoped others are making responsible choices. 

Questions regarding the situation can be emailed to or call our COVID-19 hotline at 715-425-4000.