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April 21, 2024




Hi, how are ya?: A review of the Shane Dawson series, part 4 

February 12, 2020

Shane Dawson posted a deleted scenes video from the series, on his second channel account “Shane Glossin.” The video is titled “The End of the Beauty World” and is around 35 minutes long.

The first scene was filmed two months before the launch, with Star and Dawson talking about a company called Beauty Bay and how they think that the palette and collection will be super successful without having the video series to promote it. Star and Dawson are kind of annoyed but they know both the collection and the series will both be very successful.

It then cuts to a montage of clips and title screens to introduce the video. The title screen says, “The Beautiful World of Jeffree Star: Deleted Scenes.”

“The Security Scare” pops up on a black screen and audio is played from a voice memo from Star to Dawson. Star says “I hope you and Ryland are okay, and it wasn’t too bad… I'm just glad you're okay. The twisted part of me is like if you didn’t film that I swear to god.” It cuts to Dawson filming Adams on the phone with the police. You can hear someone knocking on their windows and they are both really scared.

They then cut to the next day as Dawson tells the whole story to his cameraman, Andrew Siwicki. Dawson’s home was gated, and someone late at night had jumped the gate and snuck into his property. The intruder tried opening the doors to the house but they were all locked thankfully. Dawson talks about how he and Star just recently talked before someone had gotten on to his property. As Star and Dawson get closer to the launch of the line, Star encourages Dawson to implement higher security.

After this scary part of the video a new title pops up that says “Episode 1 Bloopers.” They show some funny moments from the first episode of the series. These bloopers and unseen moments continue with the title “Episode 2 Bloopers.”

Among the newly released scenes was Star and Dawson’s conversation about a potential future project. Dawson wanted to do a four pan palette which would be two highlighters and two blushes. The idea was rejected for the November launch, but could still happen in the future.

Dawson gets his first PR package from Rihanna’s makeup brand “Fenty.” They decide to guess how much money all the makeup is worth, as Dawson is entering the makeup industry. They go product by product and look them up on the website. Once they add everything up the total comes to $1,237. That is so crazy that makeup can cost that much money. The makeup world is so crazy to me.

Another bonus scene within the video included  Morgan Adams, Rylands sister. Adams is just joining the beauty community and she decides to go on a brand trip to Hawaii. A brand trip is a lavish vacation paid for by a brand, in exchange for social media influencer’s endorsement. Adams thought that this would be a really fun experience because she loves traveling and meeting new people but once she got back home from the trip her perspective completely changed. Adams talks about how all the influencers are super fake towards one another and how they are all very self centered.

As Dawson and Adams speak about the world of rude beauty gurus, the 30% rule comes up. Adams explains that the 30% rule is an unspoken tradition where you can’t be friends with anyone who has 30% more or less followers than you do. So even if you really like someone that doesn’t have a lot of followers you can’t be friends with them, or the other way around.

The video included a clip on Dawson’s feelings towards Dramagedon week. Dawson goes on a rant about how the argument between the Youtubers Tati Westbrook and James Charles is annoying him. Dawson calls out their immaturity in the situation. They need to handle this situation like real adults and not like little kids.

Another clip included Star and Dawson talking about the scandal that Jaclyn Hill had when she dropped her lipstick collection. All of Hill’s lipsticks had hair or plastics in them and people were not impressed. A disclaimer appeared after the clip saying “Jaclyn has since addressed the issue and has had a very successful launch since.”

When Star and Dawson were in the lab making the shades, Dawson accidentally used a pigment that wasn’t vegan. They couldn’t get the shade to look exactly like the first vision they had for that shade. Star comes up with four choices that are close and Star is nervous that Dawson isn’t going to like any of them. They swatch all the new options and Dawson likes one that is 98% closest to the original one. Star is very relieved otherwise he didn’t know what they would do if Dawson didn’t like any of them. I think the palette looks a lot better with the one they chose instead of their first choice.

The last title screen says “Thank you for all your support of this series. <3 :’).” I thought this was super cute because it seemed very genuine and I know he's very thankful for how successful this collection and series went.

The last clip of the video includes the discussion about the green shade that was ultimately cut from the palette. Dawson and Star moved the shade around the palette in different spots and it just didn’t look good with the rest of the colors. I thought this was a really funny and cute way to finally end this amazing series.

Hallie Diekoff is a student at UW-River Falls.