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June 12, 2024

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Humans of River Falls: Gabrielle Marie Slater

December 10, 2019

Introduction: As writing instructors in UWRF’s English Language Transition (ELT) Program one of our missions is to involve English learning students in campus activities while strengthening their knowledge of English. We could think of no better way to do this than to have them publish an article in the Student Voice. What you are about to read is the final product of several sessions of brainstorming and writing followed by consultations with native speakers including some from the TESOL program and the Student Voice. -- Kiki Augustin (ESL 211 Intermediate Writing) and Alex Hatheway (MODL 310 Advanced Composition)

I interviewed an extroverted girl named Gabrielle Marie Slater, who is devoted to becoming a vet.

She is a Junior with the major of biotechnology pre-vet, and her minor is animal science. She loves to do power lifting, hiking and drawing in her free time, but everything about animals takes over most of her life.

Gabrielle is willing to stop anything when she sees an animal or a pet that needs help. Her father always encourages her and gives her full support to her behaviors. Gabrielle’s father is always there for her whenever she needs help, and that inspires her to continue her dream of becoming a vet. That is why Gabrielle told me that her father is the most important person to her.

During our conversation, Gabrielle mentioned that she was not very satisfied with her current lifestyle because she has two jobs that consume most of her time, but she has to do it in order to pursue her career and to reach her goal. If she can change things in her life, she wishes she can spend more time on herself and be less hard on herself rather than working all the time. She believes that she can do better.

Overall, I believe that this interview is very meaningful because I met a young woman who is filled with love and dream.