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April 21, 2024



Global Perspectives

Humans of River Falls: A Chinese student

December 10, 2019

Introduction: As writing instructors in UWRF’s English Language Transition (ELT) Program one of our missions is to involve English learning students in campus activities while strengthening their knowledge of English. We could think of no better way to do this than to have them publish an article in the Student Voice. What you are about to read is the final product of several sessions of brainstorming and writing followed by consultations with native speakers including some from the TESOL program and the Student Voice. -- Kiki Augustin (ESL 211 Intermediate Writing) and Alex Hatheway (MODL 310 Advanced Composition)

I interviewed a Chinese student, and I felt very kind in the process of the interview. Jerry is a University of Wisconsin-River Falls student who is about to graduate. His major is Elementary Education.  

He told me that what he wanted most now was to get married with his current girlfriend in the future. He said he and his girlfriend met at the most negative time of his life. She helped him find confidence and get out of the shadows. That is why he wants to get married with his girlfriend.  

He told me that the competition for education is very fierce now. He told me that studying abroad is, on the one hand, to receive a better education as much as possible, on the other hand, to broaden his horizons and understand what the market needs.  

It is difficult for Chinese college students to find a job after graduation. If they do not have a good diploma, they can only be forced to choose other jobs that they do not like or are not interested in. However, he thinks he has enough power to get a job that he's satisfied with, and I think he's a positive young man. I also hope that he can find something he is interested in in the future, because that's what everyone wants.